Evolution of Cartoon Music (1928 - 2020)

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Evolution of Cartoon Music (1928 - 2020) 5

Th evolution of cartoon music from 1928 to the present day. Many of the cartoons and animes started as comic and mangás. But I put the opening dates for the animation versions.

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You know he’s playing some serious sh*t when he looks at the piano

Author — Taylan G


7:20 Vinheteiro got a copyright claim by Tadeus or Mr. Krabs...

Author — modelllichtsysteme


The only thing which boomers, millennials and gen z can agree to

Tom and Jerry is EPIC

Author — sangeeta singh


0:00 Mickey Mouse
0:12 Popeye
0:23 woody woodpecker
0:38 Tom and Jerry
0:50 bugs bunny
1:01 Mighty Mouse
1:19 flinstones
1:30 pink panther
1:39 Heman
1:52 inspector gadget
2:03 Muppets baby
2:14 The get along gang
2:45 Dragon ball
3:18 Thundercats
3:34 Gummi bears
3:47 Wildfire
4:04 Saint Seiya
4:23 Simpsons
4:57 Ducktail
5:18 Jojo Bizzare Adventure
5:26 Mario
5:32 Sailor Moon
5:44 Bearis and Butthead
5:55 Pokémon
6:27 Detective Conan
6:47 Digimon
7:10 Initial D
7:20 Spongebob ( No sounds)
7:48 one piece
8:15 Naruto
8:28 Death note ( kinda like the song Death bed )
8:41 A Certain Scientific railgun

Author — Danny__ Playz


When you realise Mickey Mouse is almost a century old now

Author — Username


The Reason why we cant hear the Spongebob Intro is : He is playing underwater

Author — flayzn


Thomas after realizing he’s not in the video:

*Thomas hasn’t seen such B.S. before*

Author — Lucasmonkey 913


Title: Evolution of "Cartoon" music
Anime purists: HOW DARE YOU! lol

Author — Wizborg


Acho que esse é um dos pouquissimos canais que consegue reunir pessoas de todas as linguas por só um proposito, arte.

Author — Nicolas Farias


Abertura do Get Along Gang Iniciando: A
Eu com 6 anos no sofa da sala assistindo: GUERELONGUEIN GUERELONGUEEEIN !!!



I never realized that the cartoons that I watched in the 90s were so old.

Author — Kaylynne


É um prazer ter uma pessoa de tanta qualidade num país desses, continua vinheteiro, esse é o melhor canal do Brasil!!!

Author — Erivaldo dantas


Raridade um canal de qualidade de música conseguir chegar a tantos inscritos. Mérito seu do seu trabalho feito com consistência tantos e tantos anos. Muito feliz pelo seu sucesso.

Author — David Sena Oliveira


Anybody realized he played most of the themes that he watched in his era... the 80s😂💯

Author — Timothy Mole Jr


When you play a theme song so accurate that youtube mutes it.

Author — Terashell


I never thought "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" would sound so awesome on piano

Author — Krendall2


Vinheteiro: Evolution of Cartoon Music
Also Vinheteiro: Plays anime theme songs
Weebs: REEEEeEeeeEEeeEeeEeee

Author — Sampsky


Hands down, Duck Tales the best cartoon opening song ever in the history of cartoons

Author — Nuff Stuff


As soons I heard Digimon, I was surprised. That was my childhood. Especially knowing that Wada Kouji is no longer with us. May he RIP

Author — amordramon22


i was confused when there was no audio at the Spongebob theme but then I realised that it was probably got copyright claimed

Author — Arabic Nokia