Cinema 4D Tutorial - Animation Smears in 3D

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00:34 - Intro to animation smears
01:50 - Intro to Camera Deformer
04:33 - Using Brush tool for smearing
08:27 - Fine tuning smear
09:40 - Recap

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What You'll Learn in This Video:
In this #C4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you how to create animation smears to add cartoony motion blur to your objects in 3D! This tutorial is for any level of Cinema 4D user.

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The man who does not stop giving!!! Frigging loving bendy limbs! Trying to get my beaver to tail flap. Im having 1 issue...sometimes when i make the deformers my tubes go all out of whack. Am i missing a step or building my toon wrong? Thank you so much for all your passion and work and of course for sharing 🙌😊

Author — Logan Pinney


Thanks, great use of the Camera Deformer! If you're worried about messing up your work by accidentally changing your camera angle, just create a camera only for the deformer which is at the correct angle and pipe that into the Camera selection in the deformer. Then put a protection tag on that camera and use a separate camera for rendering.

Author — natevplas


Thats what makes a great design great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge <3

Author — Max Effort


The fact that you always have more usefull deformers to show is awesome! Thanks E.J.!

Author — Manu Mercúri


Really nice tut as usual, thanks for sharing !
The benefits of your approach is that you can entirely art-direct the smearing effect so that's pretty cool !

Author — Fremox Matthieu Fremeaux


So happy to see Frog from Chrono Trigger in there! Great model, and cool tut. Thanks EJ!

Author — Super9UK


Thanks!! I had no idea about how to make that camera deformer useful XD. Good tut as usual!

Author — zas88


Awesome models you make! Really love it. Do you make the model in Zbrush and then in c4d or do you make a model like that frog in c4d?

Author — Erwin Sommers


thats really cool EJ... really love your channel

Author — Gabriel Riquelme


awh man, this is freaking awesome. thanks man!

Author — bluezaza


Excelente video, una consulta como lo hiciste los movimientos por favor puedes haces las maneras de hacer una animación.

Author — Colors Kids Games


another solution would be to clone the object, then add a step effector with time offset. more accurate but less controllable ;)

Author — Arthur Reis


i like your characters for animation:)) it looks like plastic in photoshop

Author — ОЛЬГА Пичугина


i try this in a model with rig cuz i need the deformation in a kick and punch but it makes crazy things lol

Author — EMVF


Hello eye. How do you create those lips? Thanks

Author — Jonathan Chimaras