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I've used Pegboard to organize my garage for 20 years. Pegboard is easy to use and allows you to quickly organize your tools.

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My favorite thing about your video is your AUTHENTICITY. I kind of felt I was in your garage hanging out with you. Thanks for your help, after about 2 days of searching your video was exactly what I was looking for

Author — William Clark


A shop is always evolving so changes are easier with pegboard and still keep things neat. I mounted 4 x 8 foot pegboard on 3 walls of my garage with the long end horizontal. This leaves room under the pegboard for storage. This system has evolved from family storage to mechanical and currently woodwork/hobby shop. I never regretted doing this. A good way to test if you like pegboard is to mount a pegboard backing on your workbench and play with the tool organization. Be careful, the tool reconfiguring can become obsessive.

Author — Kevola


Just installed my first pegboards today. Love them! Great shop. Thanks for sharing!

Author — Anthony G


Best video out there for pegboard uses. Our tools have a very few commonalities (pliers, screwdrivers, scissors) but you showed up close the different hooks and how you used them. In the next few weeks I'm getting a pegboard mounted above my work table and am hoping that it will allow my work table to be mostly clear while I'm working if that makes sense. Thank you!

Author — Beth Gaither


Amazing tired of having to look at a piled up workbench in a new home and need inspiration. You gave me that and more, good job!

Author — Jon Berger


Great video, John. I use both in my garage but really enjoy the accessibility of the peg board. I forget who said it but I heard once, "drawers are where tools go to die". There is some truth to it.

Author — Paul Camara


Thanks for the video. Myself I've noticed how much time I spend looking for tools and I'm getting more organized now after moving
a year or so ago. I'll share a tip on mounting the black panels if you have or borrow a laser level that throws a grid I think you'll find that will do it.

Author — Dan


Great video. I never thought to ask about your tool organization but I’ve been very curious about your set up as we see several shots of your peg board in many videos. I have all my tools in rolling chests and it worked well when I worked in a shop. Now that I’ve changed professions and don’t use my tools often I find I’m opening several drawers to find what I’m looking for. I need to build myself a work bench and I’ve been considering going to peg board for my tools. Although I’m beginning to think their is no perfect tool organization solution you gave me some good things to consider.

Author — Beau Beveridge


I tried the Talon peg board pegs and they really hold well to the pegboard. I did have to re design and modify almost everyone to hold the tool I wanted the way I wanted it. The biggest problem was the screwdrivers were free to flop around a lot. The Talons are expensive and I would never buy the group of 48 again.

Author — Stu Fields


I just took over the garage pegboard from my wife who used to use it for her framing business. I'm here to get ideas, so thanks. I have nothing against pegboards, but I actually prefer to keep the bulk of my tools in my tool cart and tool chest & cabinet combo.

Author — BrewCityRider


6 minutes, 50 seconds in, I freaking love this. About to pull the trigger on a $2, 000 tool box. Now I’m rethinking

Author — The Daily Variety


I like the way you have your tools organized & visible. It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Lori Johnson


Just what I was looking for love it, so jealous of your tool collection 👏

Author — Lucy Villegas


Sir you are not alone in your need to be more visual in your work habits. The 6S principles used in industrial settings work to reduce clutter and have only what is needed where it is needed. Rolling tool stands with yes..pegboarded tools are a standard item in places where 6S is implemented. Those who choose to use a drawer system will find that trying to categorize all their tools becomes futile as their are more categories than they have drawers available. Pegboard to the rescue for those odd items and the ones most used. The one problem I find in my decades of using pegboard is the lack of wall space for all the needed pegboard. In areas of special need ...say near a specific machine in the shop, I make a frame of solid pine about 3" deep, backed with pegboard, and put only items for use at that spot...nicely highlights those tools from all the rest in the area. Adam Savage of Myth Buster fame has many videos about his shop organizing ideas and the rolling racks or "tool trees " as he calls them are an idea I am going to try in my shop.

Author — james R.


Nice setup. I have something very similar. Hang your tape measure on the peg board from the belt clip. I'd probably put the coleman camp light on the top shelf and then put all of the lubricants on the shelf the light is currently on and remove that small back shelf on top of work bench because it's taking up some valuable workspace and casting a shadow for things to get lost towards the back.

Author — perezm714


Im a big garage noob, been using ours for heavy duty art stuff like casting and spraypainting sculptures.. just put a pegboard up and had no clue where to start. This video is just so calming and I had to give props. Thanks for your tips n tricks!

Author — Nicole Ham


When we moved into our house the previous owner had 2 large pieces of pegboard handing already in the garage. My best tools I keep in my locked toolbox but I do keep tools I use constantly on the pegboard such as a #2 Phillips, slip-joint pliers, side cutters, scissors, and wood saw among others. That way it’s easy, quick access since it’s right above my work bench; I can just keep working and not take time opening drawers.

Author — Ron


I've been wresting with the "to peg or not to peg" question for years. Now I have moved for the last time and ready to build my last shop. Your peg job has won me over.

Author — RadioChief


I love your system! I think pegboards are smart and functional.
I'm actually about to put one up in my craft room.

Author — Patricia Richardson


I love this. Wish I had MORE wall for more pegboard. Your tools and stuff are in plain sight and easy reach. I use the long hangers for multiple rolls of tape. Wish I had those Milwaukee “vise grips”: easy to hang

Author — Steven Banks