The Introducer, My Childhood Dream Job

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The Introducer, My Childhood Dream Job 5
In which John discusses his dad's work as a documentary filmmaker, his childhood dream job as a Movie Introducer on the outdated technology of cable television, and his passion for documentary films.

Scavenger hunters: This week's clue is in the video.


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Scavenger hunters: Your clue this week is in the video. -John

Author — vlogbrothers


The boxes. They press in from all sides, growing ever closer. These cardboard fiends encroach upon John as he films, creeping up the walls. Slowly, slowly, slowly but surely, they climb. Blue walls give way to brown boxes. One day, there will be no room left. No *John* left. There will be only boxes. Only boxes.

Author — vintagecassette


"Even after more than 10 years, I'm still bad at editing video."

**inserts hilariously bad edit.**

Author — Kane San Miguel


I don't even think John knows what's in the boxes. He's just making light of them to hide his fear of the box infestation of unknown origins.

Author — Nathaniel Olds


One of these days, Hank should hide in those boxes and surprise him. Would be hilarious. 😂

Author — Abdel Albakri


Well John, all i have to say it CONGRATS! You got your childhood dream job, and you have had a very successful career of introducing things to me and all of us. By "things" i mean: new ideas, concepts, people's a completely new way of living and reason to live, and i could not thank you enough for that. I always come to this channel for help and hope. Thank you.

Author — XOLorena


The box breeding scheme seems to be a continued success.

Author — Violet Moon


I kind of like the fact that the vlogbrothers don't focus on making the editing fancy because it keeps an organic feel. Like buzzfeed has quality video editing sometimes, but it lacks quality content that the vlogbrother videos always have. Quality thoughts always win over quality video skills in my book.

Author — fakingdeep


I thought your dream job was to be an earthworm scientist?

Author — Dave Green


I find it both exciting and scary that John's boyhood "dream job" is no longer a job. Young John probably thought movie introducers would be around forever. That makes me wonder if my dream job will also become a casuality of a modernizing society.

Author — Case McKinley


John, thank you so much for the shout-out! We've loved sharing Nerdfighter stories, and we can't wait to share more! DFTBA, Nerdfighteria!

Author — The Road to Nerdfighteria


That scene transition at 0:34 might be the single best joke in Vlogbrothers history.

Except maybe for that "man... zebra... manbra" thing.

Author — Bia Zarr


John Green, you are my favourite celebrity/famous person.
I seriously love your personality.

Author — clare


Damn, now I want to see Kedi but I live in France. Womp womp

Author — joulipatchouli


I don't know what happened, but my dog laid his head on my key board on now the video is in super speed, but even listening to a 4 minute video in 1 minute this video was completely comprehensive...I'm impressed.

Author — Breanna Andree-Couturier


So John, you wanted to Robert Osborn (R.I.P.). And why are talking about TCM like it no longer exists? I love that channel!

Author — msrjjon


"now, i'm about to date myself" i was EXTREMELY confused but then i wasn't

Author — Jay Dot


The boxes are building a wall unlike Trump

Author — Raw Perry Person



Author — PlethoraShae


john green is my main man, she doesn't get the credit he deserves and I LOVE HIM

Author — Livy Lovell