⭐New for 2021⭐ G300 Pro Deep Dive | G Series | Cort Electric Guitars

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⭐ G300 Pro
In this video, we highlight the the boutique styling and all-around modern versatility of the G300 Pro and take closer look at the features that take the G300 Pro to a much higher level than the affordable pricing would suggest.

The G300 Pro is the new flagship model of the iconic G Series, a boutique-style guitar with modern enhancements that represents the best of what Cort can offer to meet the needs for superb playability, sonic versatility and aesthetic design. Features include a top-grade American Basswood body with 6mm (1/4”) maple top, roasted maple neck and fretboard with Luminlay side dot inlays, stainless steel frets, and two Seymour Duncan® humbuckers that are paired with our 5-way pickup selector for excellent versatility in tone making. And for the first time ever for the G Series, the G300 Pro comes with full 24 frets, making it a truly modern guitar for the players enjoying soloing in the higher fret positions.


⭐️ American Basswood Body with 6mm (1/4”) Maple Top
This proven wood combination for modern type guitars provides a balanced and rich midrange tone from the American Basswood body with bright sparkle from the maple top, enabling the guitar to cut through the mix with the tone that is optimized for lead solo playing.

⭐️ Seymour Duncan® SH2N & TB4 Humbucker
The Seymour Duncan TB4 bridge humbucker and SH2N neck humbucker combined with a special 5-way wiring present all of the great modern and classic humbucker tones and two exceptional single-coil sounds for unmatched versatility with a clean and simple control layout. From over-the-top metal and shred to jazzy warmth and sparkling clean, the sounds are always musical with clarity as well as depth.

⭐️ Graph Tech® Black TUSQ Nut
Preferred by many guitar makers and players for rich tone and sustain, the TUSQ® is an advanced polymer that's formed under high heat and pressure for uniform density. It's designed to transfer string energy more efficiently, and to make guitars come alive with enhanced harmonics, volume and sustain.


Played by George Pennington, III

💬 Comments

I'm digging the red finish but more color options would be nice. Maybe a nice sparkly green? Or a cool blue? Vintage white?

Author — Anton Zandt


We need also g series guitar with hardtail bridge!

Author — Tony Guitar Player


Que vengan esas guitarras en argentina🇦🇷🇦🇷🤩

Author — enzoop .94


I have been waiting for so long for a G-series guitar with 24 frets! I need this!

Author — some1fat


Beautiful, beautiful guitar! Now I need a Floyd Rose on this and an HSH config!

Author — Leighton Harvey


hope they make more colors, i want a white one 😳

Author — Varra


Very nice guitar. It seems good for me for replacing my old Cort M520 😂

Author — ATTila


I just got an expensive guitar which is a feature beast and don't want to go past four guitars either. But damn! I want this Cort so much. This truly is a modern instrument and a useful option for the conscious musician.

*Cort needs to modernize the font of its logo*

Author — Marius


Real, not a veneer tops are trve! Well done!

Author — Сергей Могутов


Really like it. But will probably wait to see if more color options become available before I purchase. These two colors are nice but not a love.

Author — C Zito


Guys guitar looks great, I see you now as a company going to another step with quality on market. You have good design and start to make innovations like stainless steel frets. I'm looking forward to play on it, I'm putting it to my list of 'must check' this year. Also I'm waiting for more sound check videos, and kindle provide more details like dimensions of neck. Cheers guys.

Author — Liu G


CORT GUITARS and SEYMOUR DUNCAN TONE I think the CORT G300 Pro is the greatest guitar value
at any price point (so far) of 2021 (IMHO) Well done CORT, very well done

Author — Dave G


Cort, what's the nut width and string spacing at the nut? Also, is the body finish gloss?

Author — Nothing


cort needs to do more high end guitars with single coils only, all the top end that cort offers has humbuckers

Author — Facundo Estrada


I hope the price will be reasonable for this one

Author — Al Al


This is so close to checking all the boxes of me. Was really hoping for an update to the g290 fat to include a roasted maple neck and SS frets and maybe a maple cap, throw in some Fishman Fluance classic pickups and keep it around 1k USD and im in. Just cant buy another black guitar with dark fingerboard. Love the flame/maple fretboard look of the 290.

Author — HillMonster


I feel like this guitar is to the ibanez AZ as the Chrysler 300 is to a Bentley. Lol cept a Bentley costs way more than double the 300.

Author — kiezer sosay


Need different tops and color
Volume knob and tone need to be like a telecaster

Author — Relationship


This 1 looks Better than yamaha maybe..

Author — TasT John


dammit cort .. i just bought a new guitar and now i see this .. haiya .. wait, why the tremolo is not flat?

Author — Guru Maju Indonesia