Kim Jong Un makes history, takes question from US journalist

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Kim Jong Un makes history, takes question from US journalist 5
The reclusive leader of North Korea answered a foreign journalist's question for the first time ever. President Trump's historic second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un begins with a one-on-one meeting between the two leaders.

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What are these photographers using on their camera? Gunpowder?

Author — Dan Dan


The future of these two countries depends on those translators. Imagine what might happen if they messed up. Lol

Author — Sreekanta Barman


To this day I' m still not sure why Obama won Nobel Peace Prize

Author — Voices


In 6 minutes Chairman Kim answered more questions with coherent answers than Justin Trudeau has in his entire life. And he stood his ground.

Author — Rage In The Kage


Who are here after trump crossing DMZ and meeting Kim

Author — Girish Kumar


Those translators must feel like they have the world on their shoulders lol

Author — Antonio6579


I’m not even American but I really respect trump now

Author — Beecat


Imagine Hillary Clinton doing this. She would've started a war.

Author — GroxPL


Each one is saying to themselves in their head “please don’t nuke us. please don’t nuke us.”

Author — charlie Thompson


I like how they have mirror-image posture at 5:05.

Author — Monty Thibault


Fun fact: Kim Jong Un knows very well English. He studied in Switzerland for about 3 years.

Author — 4D1


so happy to see President Donald Trump making peace or at least trying to.he is amazing

Author — Earthnewz 2020


Great. Amazing. Massive achievement. By comparison, Obama, the guy with the Nobel peace prize, killed children with drones.

Author — Lucian BUJOR


you know what's important president trump in this situation, he's trying to make friends with the so called enemies that the united states has had for decades.

Author — Robert Galvan


The photographers are more loaded than the U.S. army.

Author — Yannick Mupompa


Haha Trump was a bit worried that some stupid question would be asked for Kim Jong, understandable knowing how he has to deal with the media in the USA.

Author — Levijeh


Obama won a peace prize for speeches while the world fell apart. Trump moves the nations with action and snowflakes scream cuz their feelings are hurt.

Author — Mc Me


Funny enough Kim actually understands English LMAO

Author — Ugapiku


Title should be " Donald Trump Makes History", really. His role was instrumental. He didn't just talk but took actions.

Author — Calem Bur


One wrong word and those translators could start WW3

Author — Revenger 211