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Crashes, Thieves And Fights | Criminals Caught On Camera S1 EP3 | Wonder 4.5

From pickpockets at a Sherlock Holmes museum, to alcohol induced brawls. The UK's surveillance network is one of the most efficient in the world and it takes some serious manpower to stay on top of. We join the teams that review, analyse and track the UK's camera network and follow the stories of criminals caught in the act.

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Bolt cutters to remove the thief's fingers once caught is about appropriate.

Author — perezm714


2 years for 253 victims... a joke... a problem ..come steal here...

Author — MrDavfit


"Five Males..all Eastern em back to East Europe...

Author — Horfog Trains


I feel sorry for Londoners. Seems to be the place where criminals thrive.

Author — William Kerr


These thieves should be not only charged with the crime but should have to pay for the salaries of the detectives for the hrs they put into investigating and finding the thieves

Author — Mike Dziak


A midget was pickpocketed

How could anyone stoop so low

Author — Joe King


I am a Canadian with a foreign name, German. Three generations ago my family moved here. I am a citizen, not a thief. Those comments saying people that are new to the country or have foreign names is disgusting. Take each person one at a time, and do not let your racism and xenophobia let you paint all people in one light based on skin color or name.

Author — Gerald Himmelspach


It's good they're catching these guys so they can give them a slap on the wrist at the expense of the taxpayer.

Author — Silent King 555


All these eastern European granny robbers, send them to HMP Durham, I'm sure the natives will make them welcome 👊😉

Author — The Comet


with all these cameras, how can you fail to see that every1 drives on the wrong side of the "bluhdy" road?
jokes aside, these criminals will be back. with rediculous sentences, it is simply worth the risk again and again

Author — István Sipos


What is the point in all that time and money on bike stands when you don't charge them with anything when caught. What a waste of tax payers money...

Author — got no name


When the bike thieves got 6 months community order I laughed. English laws are a joke. Nothing like the police protecting its citizens from criminals.

Author — Pat Stokes


This show is crazy. I remember when I first seen this on Netflix. Watched 1 episode and was hooked, I watched it for 16 hrs straight it had me glued to the tv. They wild af out there. Dont remember how long it took to see them all but I did and it just crazier every episode

Author — Tony Stokes


Import the 3rd world, you get the 3rd worl

Author — Dave Barker


My son had his mobile stolen, through find my phone, led us straight to the house of the guy who stole it.

Author — J Spellie


English laws and repercussion, or lack there of, are a joke.
Have some actual consequences for your actions and you might see a change in behavior!

Author — NavyMom 18


6 million cameras but zero reduce of crime!this is the result of a cruel and injustice social and political system!you cannot sacrifice privacy to 'safety".there is no safety, when there is no justice!

Author — nasta p


LOL! You really do reap what you sow just look at the UK and wise up!

Author — Mapoleng Ndengwa


Theif:I’m getting away LeTs gO

Train: I’m gonna end this mans whole career

Author — passive


Britain's lenient laws makes it a magnet for criminals. Let these thieves try stealing in Saudi Arabia or Singapore.

Author — verycutegut