🇹🇷 Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army capture Afrin city | Al Jazeera English

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🇹🇷 Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army capture Afrin city | Al Jazeera English 4.5

Kurdish fighters in Syria's northwestern Afrin region have vowed to fight on after the main town was taken by Turkish forces and their allies.

Turkey launched its operation to clear the enclave of Kurdish YPG forces in January.

Those fighters say they will now use guerrilla tactics against the Turkish army.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports from Turkey's southern border with Syria.

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Good job Turkey. You can clearly see the difference between Turkish-FSA liberation of Afrin with zero destruction vs American-YPG occupation of Raqqa with total destruction.

Author — Mayar Nuristani


Congrats Turkish people for the victory against western man made terrorist groups

Author — Zakaria Sharif


Say it again there's nothing impossible for turkey, So USA better shut their mouths

Author — XXSefa


Muslim Vs. Muslim while the Westerners are dropping cash on them as puppets to kill each other. What happened to the word of "peace?".

Author — Burs Natch


they captured that city in a week not bad i bet pro syrian regime secterian bots and muricans bots are fire and fury now lol tha f
they dont even used chemical weapons against the civilians like the iranians the next city is waiting for turkey

Author — ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ


🇹🇷 beautifull country nice peopel 💖 Masha ALLAH.Strong army with brave soldgiers.👍.

Author — Musa bhai


Turkey can liberate whole Syria ...Love Erdogan

Author — Proud Indian


They said Turkey can not go in Afrin.They said If the turkey enter Afrin, can not go out. They said turks cant do that. Thats impossible. But they made a big mistake. anyone cant say to turks "thats impossible"

Author — Suesta 2018


turkey=1 russia=1 and america = zero

Author — fatih güçlü


Good job Turkey the dogs run away from Somalia we love Turkey we support you

Author — khayretv khayretv


Love Erdogan, his done the right thing. Kurds should stick to their border and build on that. I see they have made a pact with the Devil himself Bashar Al Butcher.

Author — The undifeated


Great job turkey May Allah bless you y’all.

Author — ahgoodman1


Great Turkey President Erdogan Carry on. Allah is with you.

Author — Shahzad Mir


Good job Welldone Turkish army and Turkey leader ship Mr Erdogan Sir Love you A lot Of From Pakistann

Author — hafiz gul


Congrats Turkey and Erdogan! bringing better future for your own sovereignity and Syria. You really much better than "others".👍👍👍

Author — Michael Hartono


The translator sounds like Saladin from Kingdom of heaven

Author — Yaseen Cherni


We are at the beginning of an extinction level event; which is visible through the spreading of WRATH Revelation 11: 18 Jeremiah 25: 24-26.

Author — Kay Bass


they want to revive the ottoman empire

Author — Γιάννης Ραιες Ζερβουλακος