H. L. Hunley - The First Successful Combat Submarine

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Thank you so much. For the scholars out there: what rpm would have been maintained at the crank and the screw?
Was it 1:1 or was it geared to increase the rpm of the screw? I am trying to work out how far the Hunley had to travel and how long it took to reach the Housatonic.

Author — Jeff Baxter


If I were them, I would have tried to modernize the Turtle submarine back then, since they knew how to chemically create more oxygen back then, and I imagine new advances in technology would make it much more effective at placing limpet mines.
At the very least, it would be cheap to make, and it technically did work design wise. Maybe as a short range defense to wreak havoc on any ships that dared get close to ports. It would also have been more effective back then because of how ironclads tended to be very low in the water, and were designed to protect their tops, but not their bottoms

Author — Sol


Hard to imagine what the crew of the Housatonic thought when they saw that ripple of water and the object beneath the surface heading towards them.

Author — Giles Guimbarde


I was a kid, about 50 years ago and watched a film about the Hunley. It seemed to sink over and over with all aboard dying but I sure remember the same guys cranking the propeller shaft. I'm glad it was found! Where I was stationed in Norfolk I would have had a ringside seat of the battle of the U.S. S. Monitor and the C.S.S. Virginia.

Author — Lawrence Lewis


"Five men had been killed, and the rest survived." Thank you for clarifying.

Author — RJ Southworth


It was during the siege of Charleston on February 18, 1864 after the victory of sinking The USS Housatonic, the CSS H.L Hunley will sink too. The crew of CSS H.L. Hunley was Leutnant George E. Dixon, Frank Collins, Joseph F. Ridgaway, James A Wick, Arnold Becker, C.F. Carlsen, C. Lumpkin & Augustus Miller.

Author — didier Roux


I have so many questions... One how was the H. L. Hunley built? Did they have blacksmiths who shaped the metal to build it? Was it built in some kind of early factory? Seeing it was made of all metal it must have been extremely grueling and time intensive to build.

Next question: How did the crew even see? Did they have some kind of Lantern which they took on board with them? If so wouldn't it fill up quickly with carbon monoxide?

Third: How did the crew see outside the Sub?

Author — Oliver


I think they passed either from pressure of the blast, which could have pushed then Sub deeper then what it was intended for or CO2 build up. Just my opinion.

Author — Memphis


Since brass air canisters had existed since at least the 1700s I’m surprised they didn’t have some excess pressurized air to pump in & displace the CO2 saturated air for emergencies

Author — Teboski78


Well, when you count all failed attempts, money spent to rebuild henleys and people killed I would not necessarily call it successful.🤷‍♀️

Author — Soylent Green


Seems like a cursed ship after it sunk TWICE before it was successfully used

Author — MakoMerlin


I'm just going to say this. It was successful at sinking that ship, however. It was NOT successful at bring'ing its crew back from combat. That was a failure!
That's just my opinion, it still a very interesting piece of history.

Author — Ccc Ccc


I’m going down to Charleston next week to see it! Civil war relic show takes place then as well!

Author — Southern Relics


It must have been forty decades ago I watched a movie about this very sub. I don't recall what the title was. It was an interesting interpretation of its sinking.

Author — vortex162


The Housatonic was the first enemy warship to sunk by a submarine attack.

Author — k3D4rsi554maq


yep, shame it killed two training crews and the actual mission crew as well... that's not a success, that's a disaster !!

Author — colin martin


Is that a shark?

Is that a whale?

No, it is the yellow submarine.

Author — Black0ut


The real 20, 000 leagues under the sea

Author — BruhLook21


Why United States is wise than other countries??? They invented every technology first, rest of countries follow them.
Technology made by United States:-
1) 1st Navy Submarine
2) 1st Navy destroyer
3) 1st Bulletproof vest
4) 1st Homing missile launcher
5) 1st Navy aircraft carrier & supercarrier
6) 1st Nuclear reactor
7) 1st Nuclear bomb
8) 1st BVR missile
9) 1st Stealth fighter aircraft
10) 1st Stealth bomber
11) 1st Stealth attack drone
12) 1st Pimp action shotgun
13) 1st Military armored vehicle
14) 1st Aeroplane
15) 1st Helicopter
16) 1st Revolver
Thats why they are real superpower.

Author — The Top Secret: Pentagon's Classified


Is 0:49 and 0:53 references to the Pacific Railroad?

Author — Harry Zhang