OFFICIAL RECAP: All the 43 songs of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

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43 Countries participate at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. Who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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i refuse to believe that is 3 years ago
time flies by so fast

Author — Rune Btr


I heard a song and thought “This is bad” then I watched on my screen and saw that it was my own country.😂😂

Author — Bibi


Am I the only one who says that this year's ESC songs were one of the best in all of the years, emotional, entertaining, funny, meaningful and underrated (especially in the first semi-final)??

Author — Konstantina_2 Andrianopoulou_2


Celebrate Diversity would work much better this year then the last year. We everything this year: Pop, Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz, Disco (Kinda), Opera, Rap (If you count San Marino as rap), Ballads, Ethno, Traditional Elements... Recently, one of the best years! Good luck to everyone!

Author — Nobody important


Me top 3:
1st: Cyprus - Eleni Foureira
2nd: Finland - Saara Aalto
3rd: Poland - Gromme ft. Lucas Meijer



Wow this year is really strong. Good luck everyone!

Author — MavisLeon


The lyrics to the Italy's song are amazing this year:
You did nothing to me

In Cairo people don't know what time is it now
Today the sun over the Rambla is not the same
There's a concert in France, people are having fun
Someone's singing loudly, someone's screaming "to death"

It always rains in London, but today it's fine
The sky doesn't make concessions, not even at a funeral
In Nice the sea is red for fires and shame
With people on the concrete and blood in the sewer

And this enormous body that we call earth
Wounded in its organs from Asia to England
A galaxy of people lost in space
But the most important one is the space for an hug

From childless mothers, from children without a father
From faces enlightened like walls without paintings
Minutes full of silence, broken by a voice
"You did nothing to me"

You did nothing to me
You took nothing from me
This is my life that goes on
Beyond everything, beyond the people

You did nothing to me
You gained nothing
Because everything goes beyond
Your useless wars

There are people that cross themselves, people that pray on carpets
Churches and Mosques. Imams and all the priests
Separated entries in the same house
Billions of people that hope for something

Handless arms, nameless faces
Let's change our skin we are humans deep down
'cause our lives are not a point of view
And it doesn't exist a pacifist bomb

You did nothing to me
You took nothing from me
This is my life that goes on
Beyond everything, beyond the people

You did nothing to me
You gained nothing
Because everything goes beyond
Your useless wars
Your useless wars

Skyscrapers and subways will fall apart
Walls raised for money
But against all kind of terror that inder the path
The world gets up on his feet with a child smile
With a child smile

You did nothing to me
You gained nothing
Because everything goes beyond
Your useless wars

You did nothing to me
Your useless wars
You took nothing from me
Your useless wars
You did nothing to me
Your useless wars
You gained nothing
Your useless wars

I am aware that nothing will come back
Happiness flew
As a bubble flies away

Author — Dennis Premoli


Happy that a lot of countries sing in their own language. Thank you, Salvador!

The guy from Germany makes me thinking about Ed Sheeran. A beautiful voice.

"Qami" of Armenia and "Bones" of Bulgaria make part of my everyday play list. Best songs for me!

Australia has a high level like always.

Spanish song makes me cry every time I listen to.

The singer of "Just wanna dance you off" makes me really thinking about JB! Love much him voice.

France and Italia have an important message in them songs. Wonderful!

I love the girl from Israel. She's a little crazy, maybe that's why I love her. And she has a strong voice.

Very happy that this year countries try to add the rock and rock-n-roll on the contest!
Yes, Albania and Hungary, that's how you do it!


Author — My Opinion


My top 10 (i am greek)
10. Germany
9. Israil
8. Austria
7. Fyr macedonia
6. Cyprus
5. France
4. Czech republic
3. Bulgaria
2. Greece
1. Belarum

Author — kwstas 43


One of the best Eurovision years so far. Diversity of music genres, voices, ages, aesthetic, thematics, etnias and languages, but a high quality in all of the 43 songs. I found myself suffering when I found out I wanted both Switzerland and Austria to pass but there was just 1 spot left and everyone who already passed deserved it too. Today at least half of this songs are in my playlists.

Author — Chikizey


The amount of people still sleeping on The Netherlands and country music... My God.

Author — AtomicLena


My favourites are Greece, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland. Good luck from Estonia!

Author — Kristiina Leevik


Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Sweden❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Dervis Hernández


My Top 5 (from Russia):
1. Greece (omg, goose bumps)
2. Israel
3. Cyprus
4. Czech Republiс
5. Sweden

Author — Lannister


My Top 5:

1. The Netherlands 🇳🇱
2. Hungary 🇭🇺
3. Greece 🇬🇷
4. Israel 🇮🇱
5. Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Good luck all!

Author — Alexander N


This year of Eurovision had so many good songs... But the winner... W T F

Author — ok


1. Estonia - 2. Italy - 3. Greece - 4. France - 5. Bulgaria - 6. Austria - 7. Albania - 8. Germany - 9.Belgium - 10.Switzerland

Author — John P.


A great year in my opinion with many good songs from every music genre. Also the big 6 and the host country are very competitive. Not one really bad song. My top 10 so far (anything can change after live performances) :
1. Greece
2. France
4. Lithuania
5. Austria
6. Spain
7. Cyprus
8. Poland
9. Bulgaria
10. Italy/Armenia

Author — C.G


Hello from Portugal. This is my TOP12, made from the home videos:

01) Italy
02) Denmark
03) France
04) Belgium
05) F.Y.R. Macedonia
06) Austria
07) Finland
08) Bulgaria
09) Estonia
10) Cyprus
11) Greece
12) Switzerland

Good luck to everyone! :D

Author — Pedro Figueiredo


My top 5-
2- Italy
4- Portugal
5- Greece

Author — Zioni Sharon