14 Year Old Fiddler - The Orange Blossom Special - The Kempters

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Here is an old throw-back video that never got posted. Chris (with all his twins) battles it out for a place in the band. Song of choice is The Orange Blossom Special. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to purchase this song or look into our other music, please click on the link below!

Chris Kempter - Fiddle, Chaz Kempter - Guitar
Nathan Kempter - Bass, Danielle Kempter - Keys
JoAnna Kempter - Mandolin

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This is just so brilliant, American country music at it's best. My only regret is that I can only give it a thumbs up once. Thank you, thank you for posting this gem.

Author — patmowag41


Not sure what's going on here but many of the comments below pertain to a different video upload. The 14-year old fiddler performance is really entertaining - in case you didn't notice, all 5 boys are the same guy (Chris) in different clothes cleverly superimposed on the one video track. Great acting Chris - subtle but really funny. The music is expertly performed too but obviously "lip-synced" (dubbed) - the fiddling is hard to pick from live recording but the lack of cables connected to the bass guitar and keyboard is a dead give-away!

Author — Aaron Hayes


Sweet. What's the difference between a violin and a fiddle? A violin has strings. A fiddle has "strangs"

Author — Carskinify


How many times can I click the Like button?!? This was great!

Author — ddoyle11


Who just randomly found this in their recommendations?

Author — Meep _


Wow never heard or seen anything like this ...wonderful

Author — Christella Currie


I'm not young, and I'll bet about 5 days after I die, Chris Kempter will be a breakout talent on the big screen, probably both comedy and drama (he seems like a drama queen), and not too long after that, someone will be the first to say, "He plays fiddle, too?" and then hopefully the Kempters will get the recognition the Family-Band deserves...all of which would be great, except I died 5 days ago.

Author — Ked Ex


Wow, I'm not sure if I am more impressed by the musical skills or the video editing skills. This is entertaining on like nine different levels.

Author — John Everett


what's the difference in a violin and a fiddle?

The way it's played!!!

that young man is outstanding

Author — Rachel Francis


Absolutely Brilliant thanks for entertaining me I loved this video.

Author — Sea Pilot


this is why The USA will always be best..lol...

Author — Jason Voorhees


Every time I watch this I can't help but bob my head... Great fun, y'all!!!

Author — Dane Schroyer


I’ve no idea how this turned up in my recommends, but I feel blessed it did, absolutely fantastic 👍

Author — Paul Mcgrouin


Oh come on physics and maths don’t allow instruments people and music sound like this I’m a 59 year old man and the hair on the back of my neck are standing up and I’ve got tears and they’re youngsters (gods of music) that’s my impression).

Author — John Uttley


I don't care how they hold their bows, this is great music.

Author — Jeffrey Berezin


UNBELIEVABLE !!! How heartwarming in today`s world !!!

Author — David Matson


DOPE 😁😁😁😁. Absolutely fun to hear and great video.

Author — Kobie Cabral


Every once in a while I watch this... Just love it. Makes me feel happy!!!

Author — Tania Class


Man that was the most well thought out and put together video I have ever seen on you tube! Absolutely expertly done! I'm sharing this one on facebook!!

Author — megarouge61


I was going to comment that I liked the fiddler wearing the ball cap the best until I read Brian Quinn's comment where he brought to my attention that all the fiddlers were the same person.

Author — southerncrescent1401