Daviyon Nixon is DOMINATING

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In the year of the pandemic, we still get Iowa football and Iowa football has itself a new star player.

At one point, redshirt junior defensive tackle, Daviyon Nixon, was a heralded recruit. Now, he’s one of the best interior defensive lineman in all of college football.

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So this guy is a pass rusher something we are desperate Ferrell, Crosby, Hurst totally draft this guy in the first

Author — 27RAIDERMAN


Great video. I am really confused why Nixon didn't get more snaps last year. He was just as explosive, moreso than Reiff. As evidenced by the fact he had more tackles, TFLs and sacks than Reiff despite Reiff starting and getting the lions share of playing time. I have no idea why he wasn't lined up next to Lattimore. Great to see him finally get a chance to show his stuff, after all the hoops he jumped through to get to this point.

Author — James


Your breakdowns are the best. Iowa should hire you to work film breakdown with the players (and some of the coaches). Thanks again. Really enjoy all that you share on BHGPs.

Author — MrResomaker


This is good stuff, Rob. Keep it up!

Author — Tale of the Tape


Hopefully Raiders pick him up he’s much needed in vegas

Author — 2000 catfissh


I love to watch him play!! Stay healthy and Wealthy Mr.Nixon!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Author — Jay Fix


Great Video! Love the in-depth breakdown.

Author — CoachPreuschTV


This guy is such a beast. I'm surprised more people aren't talking about him. If he declared for the draft what what his projection be?

Author — Kevin J


The Packers needs a DE to team with Kenny Clark. It's time for the Packers to do something about it instead of just talking about it.

Author — Judge Advocate


Could you link your podcast in the description? Great video as always!

Author — Seth Johnson


Cowboys add this guy with Gallimore and Hill, and we're set for a decade #CowboysFam #CowboysNation #DC4MFL ✭💯

Author — Jim Laws


Subscriber 1000 here, proud to do it. Awesome break down, looking forward to more from you!

Author — mygetrichslowplan


Very impressive but there's so much talent on defense in this draft he will probably fall to the 2nd round early 2nd round

Author — Matthew Gerber


Come on two tone blue. Do the right thing. #TitanUp

Author — Chillmode


If he fall to the later rounds Cowboys should get him

Author — Reggie Hunt


I played high school football with this man and let me tell he was a PROBLEM. His length is what made him basically unblockable, even if you got off the ball faster his hands would get there before you could do anything. Definitely made me a better player going against him everyday in practice, I wish I could’ve played longer.

Author — Jacob Antaramian


Mock has the Vikes taking him at 14! Skol!

Author — fresh wavy lays


Am I only one that saw this game 1 that he was the best player on the team dudes a freak

Author — Jacob _


Let’s go truck that’s what we called him at ita

Author — Marshawn Feemster


If this guy can line up next to Khalil

Author — Stephen Parkinson