Pakistan's Imran Khan Warns of Swift Retaliation if Attacked by India

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Pakistan's Imran Khan Warns of Swift Retaliation if Attacked by India 4

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan warned Tuesday his country will swiftly retaliate if India launches a military action against it.
Khan issued the warning in a nationally televised address amid dangerously escalating tensions between the two nuclear-armed rival nations following last week’s deadly suicide bombing of Indian military forces in the dispute Kashmir region.
“If Indians believe that they can launch an attack on Pakistan, they should understand that Pakistan would not think, but retaliate immediately as there will be no other option,” he warned.
New Delhi has blamed a Pakistan-based militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), for plotting the attack in Pulwama district that killed more than 40 Indian security personnel.

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me again..the only winners in any war are the weapon manufacturers..every one else are collateral innocent victims

Author — Giuseppe RSA


he is speaking with so much confidence like he is from the land of perfect people lol.

Author — twaght hammer


Imran Khan has himself got into trouble by becoming pm 😂

Author — bhaskar jha


Dont disagree on me there is a war

But you need two hands to clap with your hands

Author — Ahmed Mahmood


Well now we know it went to fantastic tea. I think mext time will be dinner



Hafez saeed next Pakistani PM good for INDIA

Author — A puncturewalla


What u guys are gng to early mrng strike was happend Indian airforce did it...ur gng to say that it was not happend like surgical strike...both the strikes wer happend and the strike was did by Indian army...Pakistani govt is trying to hide ...and not accepting the defeat...ur govt is trying to hide those strikes made by India so Pakistani people this wat u need actionable evidence...ur prime minister asked for actionable evidence and v provided that wat ur gng to do...

Author — neeranjan vasu


Forget North Korea or Iran, If nuclear attack will happen, expect this region to start it

Author — yinkoos


I hate indian govt. the people of India very sweet

Author — khursheed khan


Zamin humari thi tumhari ni

Waise bhi itne ache se bol re kar tho kuch ni paoge

Author — sadhna tiwari


Why you pakistan protect atankvadis? ????



We are eagerly awaiting ur retaliation Mr. Khan, so that we can free Baloch and take back pok..

Author — Pawadesh Devarmani


Time for India and Pakistan to seat down and talk. That's what civilised nations do.

Author — Abdulai Bah


Pakistan es gane ko bhi ban Karana chahta hai😀😀

Author — Sumit Singh


Khan Saab JeM ne kabol kiya hai usi ne kiya humla Aur Kya saboot chahiye. Take action on them.

Author — Atif Sayed


As if attack like this happened for the first time.. Hum ne kahiyon ki jaan gavayi h already.. Ab aur nahi.. Jab marzi pakistan se aaye aur bomb laga k logon ko maar de.. Yahi hotha aah raha h.. Ithna h tho unn ko shelter kyu dhethe ho?? Bahar kyu nahi phek dhethe apne country se??

Author — theblackhole 5


What about Mumbai attack
What about uri attack'
What about Pathankot

All of this Pak NSA visited India or given proof but still blah blah blah
We sacrificed...

Author — meow Rockzzz


bc kuch kr to rhe nhi pishab peenay wale kutay or na wo sala mami ki ksam w8 kr rhe hum in ko nshta krwana 1965 ki trha

Author — jutt prince


pakistan ki india mein ghus kar strike karne ke bad, kiya huwa randians aye nahi tum wapis...
#Phatu abhinandan army

Author — Muhammad Ashab