How to Survive the 21st Century | DAVOS 2020

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How to Survive the 21st Century | DAVOS 2020 5

Nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption pose an existential threat to human civilization. Join a conversation that explores the challenges of the 21st century and how to address them before it is too late.

Speakers: Yuval Noah Harari, Mark Rutte, Orit Gadiesh

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

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There is never a free will. All the people are rooted in Ideological bias. We human are all manipulated in our own beliefs.

Author — Kabu G


With due respect, Yuval increasingly comes across as a person of shallow understanding of the intersections of history, anthropology, human nature and Nature(despite being an acclaimed historian)and also as a dry academic with some alarmist tendencies in whereas Mark Rutte, PM of Netherlands
impresses one as a
with much deeper, broader understanding of and firmer grip on, the above-referred important intersections along with the realities of real-politik that just cannot be wished away in any aspect of government or governance.
From Time Immemorial, powerplay and ravenous hunger for power&pelf have always been at the centre of human life, civilization, and evolutionary progress and at any point in time, nearly 85% of the population in any geography has always been rendered "useless" in one manner or another.
In modern times, flawed educational system with equally (if not more)flawed learning-outcome evaluation methodologies&metrics have been doing precisely that and the end-result of all that stares at us at every level of life, everywhere.

Mark's maturity and sagacity and comprehension of subterranean selfishness of human nature and their collective manifestations in every walk of life marks him out as an Alpha Leader to lead the European Union out of its current morass into reinventing itself to be more than equal to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.His emphasis on making individuals and society at large to be the ever-vigilant& effective "Regulator" and the first line of pre-emptive defence against the vagaries of technologies (and the power-hungry behind them), rather than a central or international body as regulator.That's why Mark insists on completely overhauling the entire education system to make students ably-schooled for the emerging tasks of the 21st Century.

Mark's vision for new-age Agriculture in its avatar of "Precision Farming" deserves big kudos as the rest of his lineup of remedies except for his misplaced trust on the press, expecting it to play Good Samaritan, forgetting the fact the press has, by no means, ever been pure as driven snow
with regard to the seedy side of the Internet's social/digital media.

Author — Schwaarn K Reddy


If the Jewish were waiting for a messiah here is him: Yuval.

Author — Mário Mendonça


We need to change the perception of work and jobs. We need to accept the virtues of recreational time.

Author — Steve S


Having designed systems for the nuclear sector, hospitals, heads of state and the United Nations, I'm always amazed when really smart people forget to dedicate a paragraph or 2 to the subject of risk management, including worst-case scenarios and most likely case. That failure means everything else is mere speculation or imagination. It will never come to pass if the worst case scenario occurs, or the most likely case scenario is destructive enough to exclude such a future as described in this lecture. Such is the case today and Davos would have done well to have had a more realistic lecture with which to create a framework for all subsequent lectures.

Author — OwlNation Legal


This presentation deserves more views!

Author — Opportunity Investing Analysis


No mention of Debt as an issue? How odd.

Author — Eric Anderson


when he said the US is the leader of the world, Mr Rutte sounded like he is the distrcit governer of Netherlands as assigned from Washington. Harari is not pessimistic at all, only a little bit more "cautious", maybe because he is a historian. he knows many examples based on his field, for sure.

Author — Aslı Özdoğan Arslan


Harari, after my family and girlfriend, you are the one I love most <3

Author — Tales Tenorio Pimentel


40:15 claps* imagine looking at your screen, and whatever floats across your screen, reacts to what you are thinking...because it understand you so well, that it can now trigger/guide your thoughts so perfectly that you think, you are the one having some sort of telepathic power, either that or you are talking to some first reaction will send you to the moon up in your head, the second will humble you like nothing has ever done before....either way...its profound....and let me tell you, the speed at which you can communicate or you perceive you are communicating(because you arent you are just being guided.aka. mind control) is so incredibly fast, your never forget it. happened yo me about 5-6 years ago, i dont trust anything anymore since then..and that what done with just text in the search bar....but the message came el amor manda ;)

Author — Ja L


So afraid he is correct. I learned what a part of me has a had an

Author — Lynda Schroeder


Great, now we have story tellers tells our future

Author — Taufiq Marhaban


I feel as though, we are heading into an unknown very unclear path, which then technology will be our apparent saviour and this is when shit will quite literally hit the fan.
Manipulation via all sources of communication, will be at its finest.

Author — Antonios


Wow 😳 this blew my mind. He put it all together. I could not thumbs up this one enough.

Author — Fred Frond


When did America follow global rules? :D

Author — Anuradha Bansal


About algorithms, data and other manipulations. This video regards millions of people but still, 21k views.

Author — Anna Mera





One of great speech on WEF opening my eyes.Allah bless you.

Author — Marwah Education


Du Harari, ça s'écoute à merveille même par un francophone.

Author — Salvador Dalia


Before watching this video, I have already been working on the creation of a digital educational community ( #ComunidadEducativaDigital ) for digital illiterates, but almost nobody understands the importance of my project, especially Spanish-speaking people.

Author — Francisco Morales