I Crashed A Self-Driving Vehicle!

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I Crashed A Self-Driving Vehicle! 5

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What do you think of self-driving vehicles?
(this video was pre-filmed before my hair change/when I was sick)

Author — Molly Burke


He didn't crash the car. He found a design flaw. If you don't want anyone to accidentally stand on the deactivate button, don't put it where someone can accidentally stand on it! Clever boy, Gallop.

Author — RhomanysRealm


"there's a lot of dog to this dog" *i want to meet gallop so bad* HE'S ADORABLE

Author — Brooke Houts


Molly: None of you probably have any idea what Waterloo or Laurier even are
Me: ... OH ME!!! ME I KNOW!!!

So glad you guys are okay - both surviving the crash and the bitter cold. Gallop is the cutest nugget - LOVE!!

Author — RachhLoves


“Do you have insurance?”

I’m dead. 🤣

Author — loveanddreambig


Korean spa people: gallop can't come in. he's a male
Molly: h... he's a dog?
Police: gallop is now a convicted felon
Molly: HE'S A DOG????

Author — Julia


I live in a town where everyone drives golf carts around, and I was taking our dog (A golden retriever) with me one day to PetSmart on the cart.
At one point on the path to the store, there's a stop sign before you have to cross a street, and this stop sign is near a lake. Our dog LOVED the lake. So when I stopped there, she jumped out, because she wanted to go play in the water.
I managed to get her back on the cart, and she turned around, and sat down.
On my foot. On the accelerator.
While I was facing the street. Where real cars were driving.
We plunged into the road, and I hit the brakes while trying to get her off the accelerator, but the brakes weren't strong enough to stop us from moving forward. They slowed us down, though. So I was just slowly crawling my way into the street while a car is bearing down on us, and to get out of the way I just let up off the brake and let us zip across the road at full speed, powered by doggy butt.
Now, on the other side of the street, you have to take an immediate 90 degree turn to the right. Because straight ahead is a 5 foot drop off into the woods and riverbed. This is not a turn you can take at full speed.
So we are careening across the street towards this drop off, and at the last moment I managed to shove the dog off the accelerator and slam the brakes on again, barely managing to turn the wheel in time to get us to a halt like 6 inches from the edge of the dang RAVINE.
The rest of the trip, the dog was very securely leashed down on the backseat so that she could not TRY TO MURDER ME again.

So, basically, to all you lovely people out there... don't put your dog in the front seat of a golf cart.

Author — Palitato


That's ridiculous: a self driving prototype vehicle without a physical emergency stop switch (or a stop switch they did not show you beforehand). What sort of amateur safety people did they have?
The one responsible was the idiots who designed a "self driving off" switch that could be activated by accident and while moving by a dog! An emergency stop switch could be designed that way but not a "continue driving forward" switch.

Author — Stein Gauslaa Strindhaug


No one knows their dogs better than the owner! Your instincts were right x

Author — Ellie Hextall


Gallop you sneaky dawg! You hijacked a selfdriving car, got chased by a policecar and crashed into another car!

Author — Frida L


Moral of the story is don't let Gallop drive haha!

Author — Kate's Adventures


Hilarious that you drove the G-Wagon alone (ish) and yet the self driving vehicle crashes. You're safer behind the wheel, blind and doing it yourself! 😂

Author — Stacy Leigh


"Hey, maybe we should put some kind of emergency stop button in this thing since we want a blind person to test it"

Author — MegaMech


the first five seconds :
Molly: "the dog crashed my self-driving vehicle"
Me: My excuse of why I failed drivers test lmao

Author — Charlotte Gaming


I’m so glad Gallop recovered well!! The littlest things can set these dogs off sometimes for early retirement, that camera guy should not have pushed you and gallop at all kinda frustrates me

Author — rachelle szilagyi


“There’s a lot of dog to this dog” yes.

Author — Ashley Weill


Honestly, Gallop did them a favor. Being able to disable the self driving and then be unable to control the car while also not having anybody in the car who can control it is a pretty serious design flaw.

Author — cassielfsw


when you said, "and they put down the dog" i thought you meant they killed him and my heart dropped and i had to rewind to figure out why the heck that happened and then i heard what you meant and i felt a lot better

Author — cloudiness overdose


David Dobrik should let you drive his tesla lol

Author — Fernanda Ruiz


well, it´s definitly a design mistake, one that could can end deadly, if they don´t think about the button that turns off self driving mode BEFORE they put a blind girl and her pisser dog in that car... i mean...seriously? lucky nothing serious happened to you or your pup!

Author — siiiri ously