Wilson Pro Staff RF97A Laver Cup Edition Racquet Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

A modern classic and Roger Federer's choice. This is the fourth time I review the bestselling Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, this time in Laver Cup blue. And it is a glorious racquet if you can handle the weight.

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I bought two of these racquets the day it came out and I've already used it over 10 times and also in my tournament. It's awesome. Im 14 but it doesn't feel heavy at all. Feels awesome and the stability is just fabulous. Btw I'm Asian and not sooo big but I'm playing very good with it. Definitely not for beginners or normal players though I gotta be honest. Would recommend this to advanced players with a play style that isn't super fast-paced and more focused on good deep shots and accuracy.

Author — WiredDragon7429


Just got mine (the black one) recently, I’ve had two hitting sessions with it and you’re absolutely right that it forces you to hit every shot with the right setup and footwork. It did get a bit heavy towards the end of 2 hours of hitting on my first session but the main thing I struggled with was on the serve. I struggled to get the same amount of power as I did on the Babolat aeropro drive, possibly due to it being very headlight (I might change the leather grip to a synthetic one to help with that). I was also very inconsistent and ended up hitting the net quite a bit. Although I did feel like I was able to get better kick from my second serve

Author — asdfkie


I just wish I had the timing to wield this beast. Been enjoying watching Fed practice videos. Timing is just amazing.

Author — I am what I am


Great review and test again. Must agree on that one: a perfect stick for volleys, blocking returns and bh slices. One of the best racquets around. I am gonna get this edition, one way or another XD

Author — skylaxx


Roger played amazing with this one at the Laver Cup!! Epic tournament!

Author — LoveSetMatch Tennis


Huge fan of the RF97 autograph, i have 5 of these, the initial red n black, the classic all black, the full tuxedo model, the laver cup model of 2018 and 2019. All 5 racquets are strung with full polly (luxilon alu power rough) and i got very lucky in terms of weight as all 5 differ by a gram or 2 at the most, loving this racquet and thoroughly enjoying my game, so far no serious arm issues despite the fact i'm in my late 30's :D

Author — SqUeAkY


My dad had purchased the 1st Gen when it was released but found it too stiff with the strings he was using then (Dunlop black widow 16 g);but liked it in every other aspect and now after switching to volkl cyclone tour (17/18g) @53 lbs he says it feels plush, powerful and accurate. It's a bit too heavy for me but I can see why it's so stable and frankly a real weapon to play with. The blue frame is certainly an eye catcher in your video but the red and black also looks really sleek too. So softer strings are definitely the way to go with this frame for club players.

Author — Sidhanth Mishra


Gorgeous color! I saw one it in person abd that blue deserves to be on court:) I am not gonna get it since my fav strings are green :) maybe a Wimbledon edition next year:)

Author — Becker's Rs


Lovely sound this racquet makes and I can tell that your serve has great pace on it. Good job on the review. Cheers!!

Author — Chuck Friebe


I have this racquet and is just the best for me. The best advice to use it is to have a very short charge of the swing, if you play with a verly long swing as in the video happens, is impossible to have a good performance.

Author — Diego García


Easily the hardest racquet on the market to hit. Your average club player would be crazy to use it.

Author — DanTuber


Your reviews are the best, the most honest ones. I love the RF97A, but it is stiff even with hybrid strings. Thanks for posting.

Author — BrianL


I like the weight of this frame. However, it was too stiff which was unfortunate because it plays really well.

Author — Ted Neanderthal


The RF97A is going to have more editions than Star Wars soon.

Author — anacap007


Screw modern rackets! Nothing will replace the Wilson PS 85 but my PS 90 is close. I customized 2 of them to 13.3 ounces strung (with overgrip and dampener) 10 points head light, and a 325 swing weight. I string it up with Wilson NXT power in mains at 56 lbs and Wilson Revolve in the crosses at 53 lbs. This racket is awesome!

Author — William Dean


Would love to hear your views on the new Yonex Vcore 97HD. Any chance of an upcoming review? I am enjoying it thoroughly. 👍 Still keeping an RF97A in my bag at all times, though. Thanks for this video and the report from your tour of the Laver Cup.

Author — Spoonfed


I'm curious, did you feel an hot spot in the stringbed response of the RF version as many feel that in the 315g one?

Author — GameOffLife


People need to stop saying this is a heavy racket just because it's the popular thing to say. Most guys can handle heavier racket than they believe. Friends who pick up my RF97 are usually surprised when I tell them it's 360 grams. They don't feel it because it's so head light. The weight is largely psychological.



took me an hour to get accustomed to it...then after a week went back to my prince 107 graphite II...similar in some ways but i much prefer the bigger head at my age

Author — Marcela R


I love this frame after adding 15 grams of lead tape but I prefer the classic Black version.

Author — Michael Moy