Race to the Mexican border | Top Gear Series 19 | BBC

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Race to the Mexican border | Top Gear Series 19 | BBC 5
The boys race to the Mexican boarder from Palm Springs. Jeremy is in a Lexus LFA, James in an Aston Martin Vanquish, Richard a Dodge Viper. The last to make it to the Mexican border would have to travel into the country itself to drive the Mastretta MXT, a Mexican sports car mocked by the boys in an earlier series. Taken from episode 2, series 19.

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Like how it "shows" they are doing 55 mph but probably doing 110 mph+

Автор — TeaRex


Top Gear always knew how to gather a nice group of cars for an episode.

Автор — Exoticars19


6:47 when you think you’re late for work but actually an hour early

Автор — David Bello


Funny the LFA's spoiler comes up at about 100kph (60mph for you Americans) and the editing made him look like he's going 55mph! Hah lol.

Автор — TacoSeniour


The vanquish is sexy.
The LFA is the best.
The viper is just plain badass.

Автор — Vincent Borsum


"thanks to editing trickery, i could get up to 55 miles per hour" best line in that video xD

Автор — Chris Clark


LFA is a masterpiece of Japanese engineering and the Vanquish is a work of Art, both are brilliant

Автор — W-James


3:52 4th gear 9000 rpm 55 mph... shenanigans

Автор — Trypsykh


Top Gear must have a budget for speeding fines. And maybe some kickbacks to keep those points off Jeremy's licence. Every road trip he gets stopped by the rozzers for speeding or some other misdemeanour. 

Автор — Christian Koncz


Lmao at 4:51 some girl in the gray car flicked him off Cx

Автор — Joswe Torres


I'm surprised Clarkson wasn't in the Aston Martin...

Автор — NaiSai Yang


"It's a bit like sending Padington bear into a mincing machine"

Lost it. Thanks for the laugh.

Автор — Timothy Haun


the new top gear is trash, Grand tour will destroy it

Автор — Football_Is_Life


btw mexico loves top gear, thats coming from a mexican...



Don't worry Hammond, those are U.S. police near the border. They're not looking for brits in sports cars.

Автор — Spaghetti


this was hilarious and love that yellow LFA..nothing stock sounds so good.

Автор — brian centi


4:46 Looking On The Map
5:23 GPS
                          -James May-

Автор — VlaD ProD


Why does the US flag on the map at 1:48 have 61 stars? Did we annex Canada or something?

Автор — Nexxarian


lmao "thanks to editing trickery I could get up to FIFTY-FIVE miles per hour." haha good one. 

Автор — Terrance Clifford


i like how they edited the speedo to 55 mph

Автор — Sebastian Kapfer