How To Get Free Cable

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How To Get Free Cable 4
Today Screw_ball901 teaches you how to get free cable

check for what's in your area

my preferable antenna

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AWWW, he really believes it works, bless his heart.

Author — Denise Viar


Give him credit, at least he is not smoking crack and cashing himself outside.

Author — Lifted Bodhisattva


I am impressed with his age, and his ability to problem-solve... great job.

Author — Alex


Hey Kid, that’s not “cable” tv, but I like your ability to tinker and experiment. Keep going!

Author — T Jam


People that live in small towns aint use to air channels so when they try it they think its free cable...big cities have air channels

Author — Ernesto Valencia


This is what is wrong with yhe world today, so much angry negative people that dont have nothing good to say about one and another. If you dont have anything good to say please dont say it at all. And i give him a credit for atleast trying. Keep up the good work.

Author — shamso Iman summer danon


Lol my friend moved into a apartment and he did same thing but he hooked the end to a bed frame. And it worked. Lol.

Author — James Janice


Thanks for the effort but it is not cable TV it is just Free over the air broadcasting., I just use some rabbit ears and get my local channels.

Author — charles shipton


Hey great video dude do us a favor and don't listen to any negative comments keep building your channel. Bro

Author — rice nyfe


I never know that I could do that with a TV that's awesome good thinking

Author — Jr Carney


You dont even need to connect it to metal just hang the cord somewhere and wow you got air tv not cable

Author — Johnny Conley


Dude that's not cable. That's over the air broadcasting. Any cheap rabbit ears will do better.

Author — Roger Moss


You are so brilliant young boy. Become an entrepreneur in Technology & Electronics

Author — Towanda Glover


All he did was turn the coax into an antenna by connecting it to a metal source. Not free cable just over the air tv signal.

Author — Dano1947


i just use speaker wire works great as tv antenna

Author — Dustin dalessandro


Good job.. I got 11 channels..not cable but local provider charged my 10 a month.. now I get it for free...keep up the good work.

Author — Ren ee


word of advice go to your grandfather and ask him what broadcast TV is and and have him explain what an antenna is then go to school

Author — Jack


I need to give you some money ! now my TV works !!!! your great lil man !

Author — Susan Wedell


I wasted my time try to find meatle in my room. It did not work. It shoud be called prank video

Author — paigejason1


Congrats. You just made a cheap antenna.

Author — Danny Krinkle