25th Huey Helicopter (no music)

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25th Huey Helicopter (no music) 3.5
Because many of you asked for a version of this video without the music.. Here it is!!

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if a huey is in air i feel like its obligated to fly only 100ft off the ground at all times

Author — Cyrus


that distinct sound of rotor blades cutting thru air...screams Vietnam to me

Author — Bardia


What do you mean no music? The sound of the Huey is music!!

Author — Michael Glaze


i rather see this then the blackhawk to be honest

Author — Eric Shultz


What do you mean "no music?"  That's wonderful music!

Author — FAASTeam Productions


Now thats what I call music. Thanks for the engine sound.

Author — bigstud98


I miss her, she was my girl for 12 years, CW3 pilot

Author — craig wentling


25th Infantry, Tropical Lightning, Electric Strawberry

Author — Colonel FOG


Music to my ears still gives me goose bumps

Author — Colin


Wow, what more can I say. Originally from 1952 there's still nothing cooler than a Huey1

Author — Kevin Sweeney


I think it's the most bad ass helicopter of all time. I love the chop chop chop sound . just a beautiful machine.

Author — Scott Cozart


I'll give an A plus to ya', that's "The Sound"! Good-enough that it kinda unnerved me for just a bit, it's that authentic, esp. with the headphones.

But after 5 or 6 more replays? I actually started to enjoy it, again. And once again, I must admit: I am impressed with the "clean" audio, from beginning to end. So many SAY they'll make it "all sound", but YOU did it the best!

(Hell, even the camera was steady as possible....!)☺

Author — bruno640


I Used to be a UH1 pilot in Imperial Iranian army aviation Before islamic riot in 1979.I love the sound of the UH1 and also the smell.What a glorious time 2000 hours of unforgettable flying UH1.

Author — Persian Empire


This is like porn to the ear of chopper lover.

Author — Johann Chu


Nice, I flew that bird 16 years in the States and Germany and it never failed, it was so versatile from MEDEVAC, Quick Fix, VIPS  to slinging, we used to follow the Blackhawks when they first came to Germany in case one of them had trouble. 8th Infantry, 2nd Armored and 3 Corps.

Author — Dustoff Win


Served with ya. Out of Hawaii 141st. 4TH. ID.

Author — Dicky Fisher


I close my eyes and I'm 19 again SVN 1971. Magic sound

Author — Ian Macauley


thank you shawn, i am addicted to this sound, even i never sit huey before, but some day i will fly in that chopper. beautiful sounds.

Author — ferdon mukai


*Gimme Shelter and Fortunate Son plays in the distance*

Author — UnknownX


This is one of the best videos on YouTube.

Author — Initiate Member Master