When Your Parents Don't Accept Your Marriage | Conception Season 2

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When Your Parents Don't Accept Your Marriage | Conception Season 2 5

A gay, biracial couple is raising twins. Their own parents say they can’t do it. But they know they can raise their sons in an environment where anything is possible.

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I cut off my parents for this reason. I don’t need the toxicity of a dictatorship in my life. My parents raised me to be strong, to be resilient. It’s just sad that I’m using these skills on them right now

Author — Tony Shi


Its insane to abandon your kids over love

Author — Briana Isawesome


Mom: So, when you get married...
Me: Mom I'm not gonna get married. Ever.
Mom: But when you find a nice boy...
Me: Mom, no.
Mom: Or a girl!
Me: That's not the point, mom!

My mom doesn't care if I married a sea turtle, she just wants me to get married lmao. And that's one of the last things that I want.

Author — Tiia Mannix


This guy sounds so sweet, I’m sure they’ll both be badass dads man. I’m gonna cry now.

Author — Amorphous Humanoid


Respect is a two-way street. Parents can't demand respect without being willing to give some back. This is a respect issue.

Author — Max Covfefe


Loving and devoted parents regardless of their sexuality is what a child needs growing up. Many blessings to you and all parents just trying to raise their little ones in this world.

Author — silver070


To the one who wrote their story:

I hope you and your family have the BEST life.

Author — JadeToniRitsa L


My family abandoned me for dating a black man (we're still together and talking about marriage). It didn't hurt me because I didn't have a great relationship with them to begin with, but I can understand the meaning behind this story and the hurt that they must have felt. I hope things keep on improving for you both.

Author — Night Fox Productions


Makes me feel extremely lucky to have an aunt on my side of the family and my wife's parents who accept us. It hurts knowing that parts of our family don't want to see us anymore. Like me marrying a woman changed who they had always known.

Author — bee pot


They got married bc they loved EACH OTHER (parents) so why can't your child have a happy life with someone they also love is what I hope most homophobic parents will ask themselves...

Author — Wack


This is so emotionally moving, and it really reaches deep within and strikes at the core of what everyone wants from life, to be loved for who they are unequivocally.

Author — M C


This is so sad and it’s my life. I wanna cry and just die cause in Africa there is no happy endings

Author — Zweli Maz


I'm in my late 20s (now early 30s) when I went to China for work. After 3 yrs, I met my chinese ex-bf who was just 22. He went to China military before going for university. He would always tell me that we can't be together forever as he'll have to marry a girl later. Every time he'd say that, I felt pain but then again that's what the reality here.

Author — icyliciousblue


I am so touched by this. Thank you to the artists that created this great piece.

Author — Mohammad Al Khars


It's amazing to see these stories, hope that many people see this

Author — sean hawkins


A touching story and it is so beautifully animated.

Author — David B


Who is the artist! This art is amazing

Author — Sensana San


“My childhood is not what these kids are gonna have” oof i felt that

Author — Mason


This art and animation is so trippy but in like a good way

Author — i have no original name ideas


I'm asexual, not interested in dating or marriage, and haven't told my parents. When I once suggested that I were to live without a partner for the rest of my life, my parents looked so shocked that I'm not sure I would ever really *want* to tell them. They're great parents, don't get me wrong, but to an extent our beliefs just don't match up.

Author — Caitlin