Initial D (2005) Eurobeat Edit (Scene 3)

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Initial D (2005) Eurobeat Edit (Scene 3) 5

My rough draft of a Eurobeat edit of the second racing scene of Initial D (2005). I started watching this movie, expecting to hear the iconic Eurobeat soundtrack from the anime. When the soundtrack turned out to be extremely lame, I decided to try editing Eurobeat in instead. This is the result...

I did this with Adobe Premiere, knowing absolutely nothing about A/V editing going in. If anything sounds weird, it's because the dialogue and SFX were on on the same audio channel as the music. So I had to try covering up the original soundtrack by lowering all the original volume, or butchering it with some filters. Sometimes I had to mute the original sound altogether.

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anime takeshi: "drifting is pointless and just there to be flashy. grip racing is far superior"
live action takeshi: *drifts every corner*

Author — Upstarter


I hate how the movie changed every character, but the driving scenes were actually quite impressive. I wish there's a proper Initial D movie, but with the original story line and characters.

Author — jyl3570


Everyone using Japanese version but this is a Hong Kong movie, they actually speak Cantonese in this movie

Author — Ho Li


GTR : drifts

AWD : am I a joke to you

Author — MadJamYT


Disappointed that they didn’t use Eurobeat in the movie. It was cool that they used the real life location that the manga was based off though.

Author — Eventerminator


Say what you guys want but there's some seriously good driving in this movie. Anime aside It's enjoyable to watch.

Author — Raditya Indera


I had no idea that
A: there was a live action Initial D movie
B: Takumi’s Dad was supposed to be drunk

I watched the beginning of the anime and liked it but that was years ago

Author — Skyler


Even the universe:
Him: ToFuMan

Author — Takumi Fujiwara


"He said that every single secons he raced, everything around him got slower and slower. That's when I realised *it wa him getting faster and faster* ".
That is legit a legend racers qoute

Author — Kasual Studio


Dominic Toretto: I am the best driver

Takumi Fujiwara: Hold my tofu

Author — Only Gaming Account


they didn't know this but, he wasn't even using 0.01% of his power

Author — Boostan


Yo why’d they have to make itsuki so fat. They did him dirty

Author — SazsafraZs


Why is everyone complaining about the GTR drifting, it looks awesome

Author — Barrett Oliver


This just made the movie 1000% more watchable

Author — Expedition Jay


I don’t like how they made bunta in this movie

Author — Hoodlums


Anime Takeshi: "There's no point to drift corners, its just there to make you look flashy"
Live action Takeshi: Hold my beer...

Author — 🈂HáçhíRõkú🈂


4:45 sounds like FlightReacts laughing

Author — Dirtbike Dom


Step 1: Buy a GTR
Step 2: Race a delivery boy
Step 3: Disable AWD
Step 4: Lose.
Step 4 🤔

Author — Antonio.


04:25 [Using the drainage as anchor]
*Wait, that's illegal*

Author — Alex Vostox


There's no fc following them, Bunta opens his eyes and the GTR drifts


Author — Naveen