Soviet Football and Ice Hockey. Sports in the USSR, Part 2 #ussr #sovietsport

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Most popular kind of sports in the USSR. Soviet football or as it's called in the US: Soviet soccer. Ice hockey in the USSR and why it was so boring.
"Ushanka Show" is a collection of stories about life in the USSR.

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Hello, comrades!
My name is Sergei. I was born in the USSR in 1971. Since 1999 I have lived in the USA.
Ushanka Show channel was created to share stories as well as my own memories of everyday life in the USSR.
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Happy Father's Day to you, John Wayne Cheeseburger!

Author — James K


The 1988 Soviet team was world class. I watched the final against The Netherlands live on tv.

Author — Mike Hydropneumatic


Lobanovsky died in my hometown of Zaporozhye. He felt bad right in the stadium during the game, when Dynamo lost to the local Metallurg. I went to school then, I remember it well.
As examples of the success of Lobanoski and Dynamo, of course, two UEFA Cup Winners' Cups and the UEFA Super Cup are also worth mentioning.

Author — KGB Files


I think this guy is trying to steal my mojo!

Author — JohnWayneCheesburger


I was expecting to hear something about Dinamo Tbilisi as they won the Soviet top league twice and they even won the UEFA Cup winners' cup in 1981! Anyhow, the Soviet Union had a good team back in the 60s when the won the European Championship in 1960 and then they lost the final 4 years later against Spain. They also played a good world cup in 1966 finishing 4th. In Euro 1988, they played a fantastic tournament and made it to the final but they lost against a magnificent Dutch side.

I think that football in the Soviet Union was good as they were always a strong side (especially the national team) but they were never a superpower in world football. They were never like Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina but they were on the same level as Czeckoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Spain. In terms of club football, I guess Soviet teams won European competitions only 3 times (Dynamo Kiev twice and Dynamo Tbilisi once).

Football was the most popular sport in the Soviet Union and it is still the most popular sport in today's Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other ex Soviet republics (maybe Lithuania is the only exception). However, the Soviets were never a superpower in world football. However, they were a superpower in sports such as Ice Hockey, Basketball and many other individual sports where they could collect many gold medals at the Olympics. The question is, if the Soviet Union's political rival (The United States) had a great football team and were as good as let's say Brazil or Germany, would we have seen a great Soviet football team? I guess the answer would be yes! The Soviets invested heavily in Ice Hockey and basketball just because they could compete with the Americans in these sports at the highest level. The Soviets managed to beat the top tier professional hockey teams in the USA and Canada and that was a big deal back then. They even managed to beat the semi pro American team in basketball at many summer olympics.

P.s. most of the great players in the USSR team that was about to win the Euro 1988 were Ukrainians and they were coached by one of my favourite coaches in world football Valeriy Lobanovskyi.

Author — Tahseen Abuzaineh


This is so underrated channel! you deserves much more views and subs! btw. would you record a video what was soviets thinking about eastern block contries? I am from Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia, and it was in eastern block. while I am 15 years old my parents told me many things about communism and it was absolutely same as there in soviet union, also mom told me how they was scared of soviets because of rivalry in everything.

Author — Shakkl S


My grandfather LOVED football, the whole building would know that a game is on because of him, he also respected the German team a lot

Author — Christophe Sarraf


I consider this video to be just a teaser, it certainly looks like one. This is such a huge topic that could make many videos, so I hope you'll give us some more about USSR sports.

Author — MačakPodŠlemom


Hello J.W. Cheeseburger,
Have you ever done a vlog about McDonald's in the USSR? What did Soviets think of Gorbi doing a Pizza hut commercial?
Keep up the good work!

Author — Ragin Cajun


Johny C..can you do a video on the Soviet soccer teams? Maybe talk about different players from different S.S.R's?

Author — user0307


The crash reminds me of the 1970 crash that killed most of the players, coaches, and major backers of the Marshall University football team. Marshall is a state school of West Virginia, located in Huntington. The program was nearly canceled altogether, but a surviving coach convinced the school to continue. Other schools lent or gave material to help out. The story was told in a 2006 movie, "We Are Marshall".

Author — Larry Brennan


Can you do a video on how the Olympics and international competition was viewed by the public and Communist Party and the controversy of ‘influencing the judges.’

Author — Matt Anderson


What about basketball? USSR along with Yugoslavia had great teams. When Greece won the title of the 1987 eurobasket playing against USSR it was the ultimate David against Goliath match. And made the song ''Final Countdown'' by Europe one of the most popular rock songs in Greece (it was played at the end of the game).

Author — joe k


can you make a video about the football game called "the death match" played in kiev in 1942 between ukrainian players (from dynamo and lokomotyv) against germany who was occupying ukraine at the time?

Author — PbFoot


1967 was Important for U.S.S.R because it was the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!!

Author — Kajal paladhi


I heard from somewhere that the Russians were setting up soccer fields in Cuba 🇨🇺 during the JFK missile panic!

Author — Crypto Kid TV!


I don't know if this has been covered before but since you talked about bribery in Soviet football and about referee being beaten for being corrupt, were there any kinds of football hooliganism in the Soviet Union? Maybe there were some incidents of football fans being violent in the Soviet Union that are worth covering.

Author — Spicy Noodle Adventures


Comrade Cheeseburger 🍔! 😆 Maybe you can make a video on the best Cheeseburgers in Ukraine!

Author — Mark Webster


John Wayne Cheeseburger XD best name ever

Author — Einherjar DK