Turkey Launches Attack In Syria On Kurds After U.S. Announces Pullback

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Turkey Launches Attack In Syria On Kurds After U.S. Announces Pullback 4.5

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This will only breed more anti-U.S. sentiment in the middle east, proving that the U.S. cannot be trusted.

Author — Xser Gods


The kurds are paying the highest price as always.

Author — Rob T


It's not the first time US betrayed the Kurds. I remembered George Bush Sr encouraged the Kurds in Iraq to revolt against Saddam during the first Iraq war and then abandoned them and they were crushed by Saddam through mass executions and massacres by chemical weapons . This time it's the Kurds in Syria to have a taste of the same betrayal.
The US can never be trusted.

Author — morbid747


"The sand people are easily startled but they'll return. And in greater numbers."

-Old Ben Kenobi

Author — Moist Boner


B I G T R O U B L E what a joke, when is this going to end?

Author — Fernando J


I feel awful for the Kurds, we've abandoned them in the past to Saddam to get gassed by chemical weapons. They've been our best allies in the region, only to be attacked because Trump got steamrolled by Erdogan on a phone call. Pathetic.

Author — Landon R


You heard that Turkey B I G T R O U B L E

Author — Mr MiracleNut


An alliance with thr powerfull is never to be trusted... What America is doing is betrayal. Even the GOP agrees.

Author — Brandon Zuniga


They broke their promise in 24 hours, so punish them. Economically

Author — Adam S.


This is exactly how al-Qaeda and ISIS was made, when you turn your back on someone, expect them to cause trouble

Author — And-yS


Why does the same people who start a conflict always come up with the ”solution”

Author — Leo Walzim


Do you know how many times I had died in Call of Duty?!
This is not a game. Corrupted leaders playing with lives.

Author — Spicy Halo


The u.s government is a traitor .
This is another reason for any country around the world not to trust the u.s. government because they are not men of their words.

Author — Oba*** Man


Well if u look at history . USA have a traditional in abandoning their allies when they re no longer useful for them . This is the Kurd fault cause they chose the USA . From a VietNamese farmer .

Author — Anh Nguyen


Boys once again US proved that they can't be trusted

Author — A. Bogiman


Sounds like another genocide is coming, that everyone will once again turn a blind eye to.

Author — TheChompyz


So they do this to stop terrorists but this it’s self will breed extremism and even more terrorists ESPECIALLY after the Kurds are forced to abandon the prisons with THOUSANDS of battle hardened terrorists that would have free reign and be able to reek havoc on the region

Author — Boomy2710x


United Sates said : Aight Imma head out

Author — Kev SD


They’re not fighting Kurds, they’re fighting the pkk, ypg parties.

Author — Irfan H


Never trust USA and the west, especially this pumpkin 🎃👆

Author — Aluand Jalal J