Top 10 American cities with the most homeless.

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Top 10 American cities with the most homeless. 5

Top 10 American cities with the most homeless.

What is going on everyone it is time to talk about something a little different. On this channel, we focus a lot on where you might want to move and where you might not want to move. And when I say move, I mean buy a home, rent a place, stay at Airbnb, whatever. The sad fact is that not everyone has those options and some people don’t want those options. I am talking about the homeless. For whatever reason people end up living on the streets. The old myth was just lazy people and addicts end up homeless, but the reality is a different story. I’m not saying those aren’t a couple of big reasons, but there are a million reasons someone ends up on the street, loss of job, unexpected illness, loss of a spouse and their income, mental illness, the list goes on. During the financial of 2008, the US saw a major jump in the number of people living on the streets.
Most estimates have the number of homeless in America around 560K people. That is about how many people live in Wyoming. We have a state worth the people that are homeless. Now I did see other estimates being around 2 to 3 million. But the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness has it at 560k ish. We’ll assume they have the closest count.
With so many homeless I thought we would take a look at the best to be if this the hand that life dealt you.
So sit back be thankful you live indoors and watch My Top best Cities to be homeless.

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I was homeless for 10 yrs in Fort Worth, Texas. I got laid off and lost my place. I now have a full time job and haven't been homeless in 3 yrs. I didn't know it was gonna happen but it happens. It can happen to anyone.

Author — Tamara Walker


In Las Vegas they live in the tunnels that run under the city.

Author — maureen olin


Homelessness is becoming a 1st world problem due to high rentals

Author — Adventures of Dao Ming Choi


The banks got bailed out and everyone still got kicked out of their homes, they never adjusted their mortgages, but still got the money!

Author — Dita Valerio


I see so many people living out of there cars it's because pay checks never go up but everything else does

Author — Ponyboy 69


Taxpayers spend BILLIONS on housing programs every year, someone should check where it all goes.

Author — Floyd Looney


Evidently, , where the wealthiest people live so do the poorest.

Author — Benjamin Malave Jr.


In LA, there was a man who built tiny homes for the homeless, and the city tore them down. That's the government for you.

Author — Austin Martín Hernández


I've travelled the world and was raised in Los Angeles. Living in Australia now, I am so sad when I return to the US. And yes, San Francisco is that bad, Los Angeles is almost that bad.

Author — Melili Fabulosa


Politicians that lost election living on the streets of DC. LMAO that would be great!!

Author — Mark C


Hard to believe Portland, Oregon is not on this list.

Author — Gregory Timmons


I’ve been homeless in NYC.
And I had a great job.
It was crazy trying to find an apt. WITH A ROOMMATE, let alone for myself.

Author — tracy ann johnson


Corruption, Greed lack of concern for fellow human beings is at the core of this epidemic

Author — sean blade


To whomever is currently homeless, sending best wishes and good vibes. You'll get on your feet in no time.

Author — Gaël Hervé hiking&birding


Hawaii is the most with probably 70% of the population being homeless.

Author — Big Rig Solutions


Its going on everywhere. Research agenda 21.

Author — Jerri Tegtmryer


As a former homeless person I could say ur opening to the video was perfectly said.

Author — John


I just got back from Portland OR and I've never seen so many homeless ppl in my life and ive been to LA. I looked into this and Portland has one of the highest next to Seattle WA and LA!

Author — val jean


Should have squeezed Honolulu in there. There’s so many homeless that the Hawaii government lies and cuts the number in half when reporting....

Author — ArmyRetGuy


My generation....the boomers became sociopathic greed mongers. Imagine....from peace and love to YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN LOSER!!

Author — Nancy Larson