Bosch GOP 55-36 Review

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Thanks for the review. These tools are hard to get really accurate but they are fantastic for plunge cuts and can get you out of trouble when you need to trim something in a tight spot quickly.
They are also great for removing grout. The blade attachment looks amazing

Author — @geoffsemon7411


That tool connection looks fantastic. Beats my works tool I got at masters. I have the slide switch on my Bosch jigsaw and it can get me into trouble as a little stiff. I should work a little slower. But I'm a big fan of Bosch professional so we have to add that one to wish list after Bosch metal saw. I think I have about 7 Bosch tools now and all used every weekend.

Author — @manoftools


I have the old style, which gets used once every few months so it will be awhile before I have to update. I did reshape a small cutting blade and stuck Velcro to it. Then made custom size sanding discs to suit. Works well for those small tight spots.

Author — @cobberpete1


I always enjoy review videos, since it's always a big decision for me to buy or not to buy a certain tool due to financial constraints, so knowing the possibilities and limitations of a certain tool is always welcome.

Author — @SirPerceval


Own a 40-30 myself, great machines :)

Author — @ccmogs5757


Good for cutting into plaster or cement sheeting, handy tool but useless for accurate joinery, a good edition to the kit nonetheless 👍

Author — @sumosprojects


Not sure if you or any of the watchers are aware but this is the MOST powerful tool of this type made...yet no reason to single you out as nowhere on the web are any reviews where they actually compare its Speed, Vibration and Noise to that of other cheaper (and for any serious worker already in the toolbox) less powerful models. I have already have a Fein Multi Starlock and a Dewalt cordless oscillating tool so I would love to see a side by side of the corded Fein to the Bosch GOP 55-36 on speed/vibration and noise in that order.

Author — @1bottlefed


You can't please everyone. Keep up all your content please

Author — @BAHATI1943


Sydney Tools told me yesterday that Bosch has gone exclusive with Bunnings and Amazon.

A shame, as they make an awesome product.

That blade fixture is just wonderful, incidentally.

Author — @pmckinlay653


I can't find this available at any of the stores mentioned. Bunnings only has the 30-28, Total Tools only has the 18v cordless and Blackwoods website is hard to follow but doesn't look like they have it. Sydney Tools has the GOP 300 SCE which looks similar but not sure.

Author — @daskeg


I have the old style, very rarely use it, wasted money for me... and it vibrates a lot

Author — @mariusradu55


👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Бош рулит!!! Старлок класс!!! Так держать!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️👍👍

Author — @user-fe7dq6ck5c


Gee that cut through the pine fast! I don't know what I do with (to) mine, but they're always useless after an hour

Author — @RobinLewisMakes