Jaime Awe - Maya Cities & Sacred Caves of Belize

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Jaime Awe - Maya Cities & Sacred Caves of Belize 4.5
Dr. Jaime Awe gives a presentation on the archaeology of Belize in preparation for the VVAC's annual Central America trip.

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my country Belize might not be a big country. but we sure do have a beautiful country. proud to be from Belize.

Author — Esmenia Finely


Wonder what the Mayans would make of modern day tourism officials from Belize, Mexico and Guatemala competing to see who can evoke the most "wow factor" in their exhibits.

Author — Robert Poen


This was a really good and informative presentation with awesome pictures . what a find for the history of humanity !

Author — Dianna Skare


The tallest building in Belize is a Mayan temple! Love it!

Author — bgbreakdown


This is my favorite Mayan site ... They say it would have had over 120, 000 people at it's peak. If you go, don't forget the ATM cave.

Author — Mokimanify


...ya...and the oil companies have drilled holes every 10 feet...
...waiting for it to chip slide into the ocean...
...prepper caves...

Author — S.A. Morris


That pyramid may be the coolest one I've ever seen from the Maya...how is it not famous?

Author — Chris Rhodes


Great presentation! Thank you for making this video public and for all the work you've done on those sites. My wife and I got to visit to Xunantunich. this was before the frieze was done, but much of the restoration was completed. I climbed to the top of the big pyramid and spent some time chatting with the Park Rangers up there. I highly recommend spending some time chatting with the locals if you do go there. I learned so much from those park rangers it was really one of the highlights of our trip getting to spend time with them.

If you do ever get to visit the area I can highly recommend the Cha Creek Resort. It's located in a beautiful area and just an amazing place to stay with a 1st class staff and it's close to several great day trip adventures. My wife and I visited Xunantunich and climbed the pyramid, floated an awesome creek with inner tubes that went through seven caves, and we canoed the Macaw river from the resort to San Ignacio and among lots of cool stuff we saw we got to watch a huge bright orange lizard (about 4-5 ft long) fall out of a tree about 60 feet crashing down through branches the entire way and land with a splat on the muddy bank. It was fine though. After a minute it climbed up the bank and into the forest with a "Hey, I meant to do that" attitude.

Author — Bill Stephenson


and were still getting robbed by europeans



If you've never been to Mayan ruins your missing out big

Author — David Lineberry


1000 years from now, if our exact records are as scarcely available as this cultures' is to our

Do you think they will say:

- They believed in some Bearded man dressed in red who traveled on a sled pulled by deer, who they believed squeezed through their chimney shoots and left presents under a tree they put on display for him for a whole month....


-They believed that newborns were gifts of some bird god usually depicted as a stork


-They were obsessed with apples, they put them all over their gadgets, always with a missing bite, perhaps signifying their partaking and accepting of the nourishment provided by their god of goods???

It is quite difficult to objectively evaluate shards of information.

Author — Emerald Leaf


Belize=my dream of a perfect place on earth to live!! Wanna go so badly.

Author — Bobbi Wolfgang


Sacrafice wasn't part of the Cosmovision of Mexicas or Mayan. These are scared burials of royal lineage tribes

Author — Faustino Lagunas


Skip the first half hour, he really only talks about himself. You won't miss anything...

Author — Bill The Baker


Honduras has some surprises under the canape too.. with lidar it is easy to find ancient "hidden" cities....going there is an other story..read aventure. Anyways, often the tribes say that the structures were already there when they populated the area.. Sure it isn't the case with the mayas? Sure your education will be a douzy having Jaime Awe as your professor.

Author — Ash Richards


this guy seems genuine, i like in the front part he says universities dont teach how to conserve a site very being said....about 48 minutes in, he sees a corn god and a turtle in I see a torus, I also see the double fish which upon extension becomes the double snake which is what goes up the egyptian staff that became the symbol for western medicine, and as we know those snakes symbolize 2 opposing polarity sine waves, such as that running up our spine creating our kundalini which is what feeds our own torus or life force, i see the upper soul, the ascended master or avatar falling and having the soul split into 2 polarities to be spit out of the mouths of the fish only to ascend upward and connect once again in this continous sprial of life....so yes, as you continue to become familiar with the symbols, you can decode the art

Author — f5thwheel1


That is true. The west is the best in Belize. Just my opinion of course.

Author — Richard Burns


Say the Truth Awe. Belize is a horrible place to visit. Belize is worse thst Haiti. I know all those places he mentioned i was born on the western belize. Dont believe this crook

Author — Rommel Navarrette