Building An Underground Oven

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Building An Underground Oven
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I love how your dog helped you dig. so funny. We love Dax.

Author — TL freeland


Lucky Dog! A whole sausage and then some.

Author — Mariner80


You know Lilly, this version of your oven design could be multi-purpose. With slight modification for a little air flow and ability to feed more wood into it, placed UNDER your sleeping platform it could be an amazing way to keep that entire area warm at night or in the winter!

Author — Steven Szabo


I am 9 years old when I move to Maine I'm going to build the all stuff that you made because I love being outdoors in the woods i go in the woods with my ATV I'm a huge fan of your vids :-P ^_^. and your dog is cute.;)

Author — Yes Sir


That's cool. Similar to an underground smoker. For the smoker you make a hole for a fire then on a higher level a little ways away, you make the smoke chamber and connect them with a pipe for the smoke to travel through. Of course the temp would be much lower. If you put it in a mud puddle Dax would have dug the whole thing for you... LOL

Author — Jerry Coon


I'm sort of jealous of Dax. Those looked like good sausages.

Author — Nerding for Nature


Hahahaha bloody funny you let Dax do the first digging hehehehehe :-D

Author — Martin


Oh I thought you were going to cook them on the stone lid, but I guess that would have been a grill not an oven. Pretty cool!

Author — UF2010


This is one of the best intros ive seen in the whole time i was watching videos on youtube

Author — Jeremy Resch


Lily, can you please make earth oven or cob oven? It would be amazing. And than cook something tasty, like pizza or bake whole wheat bread O.O Or even some sweet like Swartzwald torte - it would be the best day evah!
I guess you know that all good mountaineers, who spend long time in nature, have a small cauldron. Could you buy one and make rich hungarian stew, or beens, goulash or something similar =) Please Lily, pls make something like that
Omg here is amazing new idea, than you can make survival Lily Mukbang O.O
It would be AMAZING! We must do it O.O

Author — Pivo Prase


The cooking videos and the shelter videos are my favourite

Author — Jacob Freeborn


That dog is a character. I think he could start his own channel. The anazing adventures of Dac's. :)

Author — Alan Reader


Great video, I guess it's a case of perfecting the design as you go, but hey it cooked sausages!! No wonder you are thin, you give half your food to Mr Dax, he is looking very well on it I must say.

Author — MukyMik


it was so hard to watch Dax limp over to you in the end of the video, hope he's ok :(

Author — Clay Nickerson


Dax`is awesome! He looks like such a wise old boy :))

Author — John Fisher


I wish I could be there to do these type of things with her I love the outdoors

Author — Zeb Kellogg


Your Vid's are awesome"
Thank you for sharing your skills...

Author — Rudy O


You should really get a GoPro for your dog :D

Author — TrollDragomir


I love you, Lilly, I can't survive without you!!

Author — mrfrankcastle083


Ahhhh que cachorro mais FOFO!!! Tá muito bem acompanhada :D xxxx Brazil!

Author — Ang cpm