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World War Z - 'Philadelphia' clip 5

In June 2013, one man (Brad Pitt) will race against time to bring a divided world together on the eve of its final hour. Every culture, every weapon and every army will rise because the only hope for survival is war.

World War Z is set to hit cinemas in June 20 2013.

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I can survive the walking dead not the sprinting dead

Author — Sumigya Bajracharya


The police who said "get back in your car right now!"
Is a hero. He actually saved the main character.



That girl who didn’t want to use her seatbelt never fails to get into my nerves.

Author — Dean Villarante


The reason why I've always loved this movie and the fact that even still to this day it gives me chills, is because there are so many aspects that to me seem so realistic if this really were to happen. There's a scene that always will stick with me. The Grocery Store scene where Jerry shoots one of the men attacking his wife. A cop comes in and Jerry immediately drops the gun and puts up his hands because he knows the enormity of what he's done. But the cop runs straight past him to get baby formula. In times of maybem and pandemonium, people arent worried about what you're doing. They're worried about what they're doing for themselves and their families. It's interesting to see the similarities between people in this movie and the people in real life in the current state of the world. It definitely hits home for sure

Author — CosmicHuntress


why is Train to Busan and World War Z in my recommendations in this time of the coronavirus.

Author — illusiooo


When coronavirus makes a baby with rabies

Author — Gabriel Anthony


“Containment is a fail, containment is a fail”

These type of movies are becoming bibles.

Author — Tyler Harris


It’s late January of 2020 and the coronavirus is all over the news . Is YouTube preparing me for something ?

Author — BananaKr3w


They shot this scene in my hometown - took over the city centre for months just to get 3 mins of film. Watching it now though I realised something - the part with the garbage truck is eerie. A guy blacked out at the wheel of one of those in that exact part of town a few years after this was shot, killed a lot of people with his vehicle. Drove it straight down a sidewalk before the other guys in the cab could get it to stop.

Author — J0MBi


This is why u build a city like manhattan because worst case scenario you can blow up all the bridges and prevent it from spreading in theory

Author — Jake F


*I don't like where this going*

Why is this in my recommendations?

Author — What am i?


Other people: “AaAaAaHhHh!!”

The truck: *“GET OUTA TEH

Author — Nasim Ghayoumi


I was actually there when they were doing this scene! Was so weird seeing the US style signs and street furniture in Scotland

Author — John Dall


Everyone: *is running for they're lives*
That one girl: yea this is good for the media lemme record this

Author — I'm fine


"What happen did the eagles lose a game?"


"...did they win?"

"'s just Eagles fans."

Author — Nick McCack


YouTube has a dark humor, Recomending during Corona virus

Author — Pradeep Shearan


Person who is in the top of a tower: wow this is a nice 3d movie

Author — Beezy bubba gaming


This was filmed in Glasgow on a street where a man blacked out at the wheel of his ‘garage-truck’ killing 6 and injuring 15. Strange to see it almost acted out in the movie.

Author — Aidan Dolan


Anyone remember the scene, a few weeks after the zombie attacks started, when the President wanted businesses to start opening again and get America back to work?

Author — Jeff Foehringer


How to survive a lot of movies: be the camera men how hard is it.

Author — Gogo plays