Brock Lesnar 1st Custom Titantron 2020 ᴴᴰ

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Brock lesnar 1st Custom Titantron 2020 ᴴᴰ

Brock lesnar Returns

Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing (Entrance Theme)

Titantron made by myself

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"He destroyed a 15-time world champion, he destroyed The Streak. This man Brock Lesnar is unstoppable." -JBL, 2014

Author — João Pedro Speranza


Bro, you make better titantrons than WWE, they should hire you!
Best titantron video I've ever seen <3

Author — Wrestle Death !


Brock's mma training made him dominating that's why he is so ruthless in the ring

Author — Madhav Singhal


Brock Lesnar:

1. The Beast Incarnate
2. The Next Big Thing
3. The Conqueror
4. The Enforcer
5. 2x time NCAA Division 1 Amateur Wrestling Champion
6. 3x time WWE Undisputed Champion
7. 2x time UFC World Heavyweight Champion
8. 2x time WWE World Heavyweight Champion
9. 3x time WWE Universal Champion
10. Paul Heyman Guy
11. Suplex City
12. Kimura Lock
13. F5

Author — Justin Gunn


this is the BROCK LESNAR & this is the BEAST INCORNATE👊

Author — Adarsh Gupta


Most destructive and dominant wrestler in WWE history... 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Ps. Raviteja VG


I know this is 11 months later but the attention to detail you have put in this tron is beautiful the titantron just matches the music

Author — Johnny Gargano


Damn this editing is amazing, kudos and respect you deserve it

Author — The Charming One


Brock is the best wrestler of all time.he is the beast.

Author — World of Warplanes


This white MMA FIGHTER fighter is a absolute ass kickin' MACHINE

Author — Tye Perry


this is greatest brock lesnar titantron broo

Author — RKOBomb6


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i'm brazilian and i love your work, here in brazil there is only one way to see wwe but i still love every day WATCH even more with your incredible work! thanks

Author — silveira


The best custom intro i've ever seen. 11/10.

Author — 4 Scoops Dammit


The Immortal Beast known as BROCK LESNAR!

Author — Timothy Torres


This gets me all fired up, great work!

Author — Jhook


this is an improvised version of Lesnar's current version 👌

Author — Anmol Khatri


Just know your life is over when you hear this..

Author — Kednel Gaming


i would totally use this if i was a wwe tron worker

Author — River DS


i'm impressed by your video with the perfect timing which software do you use for editing?

Author — koxify rind