Bash Scripting Full Course 3 Hours

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In this FREE Bash Scripting Course, you will learn from printing a simple “Hello World” to using conditional statements such as if statements, case statements to using loops such as while, for and until loops to using awk, sed and debugging bash scripts. All in all, we will learn and cover the following topics:

1-Hello Bash Scripting
2-Redirect to file
4-Conditional Statements
6-Script input
7-Script output
8-how to send output from one script to another scrpt
9-String Processing
10-Numbers and Arithmetic
11-Declare Command
14-Files and Directories
15-Send Email Via Script
16-Curl in Scripts
17-Professional Menus
18-Wait for filesystem events with inotify
19-Introduction to grep
20-Introduction to awk
21-Introduction to sed
22- Debugging bash scripts

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Liked this course and looking for more?
Please visit our refreshed and improved 4-hr Bash Boot Camp Course here:

Author — linuxhint


0:55 Hello Bash Scripting
5:25 Redirect to file
8:49 Comments
11:49 HereDoc
14:01 IF Conditional Statement
16:47 IF-ELSE Conditional Statement
19:00 ELIF Conditional Statement
21:18 AND Operator
26:21 OR Operator
29:10 CASE Conditional Statement (Incomplete explanation)
29:47 Loops
30:19 WHILE Loop
33:54 UNTIL Loop
36:20 FOR Loop
39:44 BREAK and CONTINUE Statements
45:29 Script input (STDIN)
55:58 Script output (STDOUT and STDERR)
1:01:40 Pipes (Send output from one script to another script)
1:05:53 Strings processing
1:15:39 Numbers and Arithmetic
1:20:56 Convert from Hexadecimal to Decimal Numbers
1:23:07 DECLARE command
1:28:27 Arrays
1:35:06 Functions
1:43:10 Files and directories
1:58:42 Sending email via script

Author — Inconsequential Stuff


I really really love what you've done here thank you very much for taking the time to run through all of this for us. I think what would drive the point home even more is to provide some real-world examples and how you would apply each of the scripts.

Your examples are fabulous, but they're abstract

Author — Brian Thomas


Amazing, I actually feel confident in the terminal now. Thanks a lot!

Author — Michał Sędziwój


What I loved about this full 3Hour video is, it is not too basic and not too advanced, it is just perfect for almost everyone who already know a bit of linux and also pretty good for people trying to brush up their basics.

Author — Shubham Hingne


Just wanted to send you a big thank you for putting this together. I'm very new to Linux and this was a great course to quickly become oriented to bash scripting. Thanks!!!

Author — Kevin Duff


I appreciate the effort put into this video lecture and I'd like to share my personal points for improvement. It's an okay intro in my humble opinion, and some important stuff is either lacking or overlooked.

1. In string processing, string comparisons are made by checking the ASCII code of each character, thus "abc" is not equal to "acb". In the lecture, it was represented like the length of the strings are checked. Maybe in the earlier versions, it could be true (by looking at the date of the video uploaded), but in the latest version, it is not. I didn't come across such a comparison in Java, Matlab, or Python, and it bugged me.

2. If you'll upload a newer version of this lecture, I would suggest, please, indicate the type of variable you're using. E.g, when you're showing how to write and if conditional for the first time, indicate that the program understands the variables when you use double quotes and dollar sign, and whether or not it is a string.

3. No need to mention that you've cut the part where you've explained case statement, so maybe you may want to explore that part in the newer version of the video.

If there'll be no newer video on this topic, maybe you'll update the website accordingly. Thank you for the effort.

Author — Hazal Beril Çatalak


Just finished the video. This was an excellent. Would it be possible for you to do a Part 2 where you go over over commands/create an "Advanced" video? Thanks again for the great video! Really appreciate you putting this out there man!

Author — Hob Goblin


This was great! Thank you for the thorough explanation. I had trouble with sudo executions for Mac. Other than that it was a wonderful tutorial.

Author — Daniel Silberstein


This is the best bash shell scripting tutorial I have ever seen!

Author — Adam Hendry


Thank you very much! This course is very useful to me. I have a question: Why when you do the script that continuously read lines that are wrote as input in the terminal, you need to specify the < "$(1:-dev/stdin)" statement but when you compare strings, you don't need to?

Author — camila Arcu


Thank you so much for your time and this session plus the basis examples to keep the actual point's to be in clear 🙂

Author — Lalit Singh Dhidwal


Thank you very much for investing your time to help people. I learned something new which I don't used to know before. Keep making these types of videos it helps a lot <3

Author — Ashfaque Alam


This is a perfect linux learning task. Thanks! 😁

Author — Alejandro Jerez


Thank you so much for this effort. Keep up the good work :)

Author — Shoaib Aslam


I really appreciate for the effort. I have learnt a lot by watching this video. Is there any course after this one, i.e. in somehow advanced level? Please let me know if there is some.
Thanks again

Author — shirzad roohi


This is amazing, this tutorial has everything I needed. Thanks!

Author — Joseph Stameus


Nice but just too basic! Could you do some tutorials talking about advanced shell scripting and linux commands where professional backend devs use?

Author — Gary Lau


Fantastic ! Easy to understand and amazing tutorial to get started with Bash Scripting, helped me a lot ! Thanks ! Keep the great work !

Author — Semantron


Very good training for bash. Thank you for creating this content. Appreciated!

Author — Sandeep Yadav