Macarena Rose Belize Realtor shares 2 area where people move to

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Macarena Rose shares 2 of the Belize mainland areas that people are moving to in Belize on the mainland. Belize real estate is about WHERE to live in Belize, how to rent in Belize, find Belize properties for sale (Belize has islands, condos, properties, and homes for sale), how to find a Certified International Realtor in Belize, and retiring to Belize.
Belize is the number one choice for retirees as it is English speaking and is easy to get to.

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I am a belizean miss my country .on day I will return to my favorite home belize

Author — Jerome Hyde


Rent and do your research. Gringos beware of land scams . Use a realtor to buy. There are no stupid questions.

Author — rockipoirier


I'm home sick now!  Thank you very much for sharing!

Author — Radie Steig


Hello ! I'm a young lady ( almost twenty years old ) and I really appreciate the healthy tropical living. I love the outdoors ! Belize seems lovely ! Are there jobs there for young people ? thank you. Also i'd be renting monthly.

Author — Madii Pons


Oh macarena, thanks soooo much for this video. I am missing home, living in sydney australia currently, and this video killed me by melting my heart ;-)

Author — Kalika Putra


your making me miss home I was born and raised there for seven years and had to go to America in kentucky

Author — reenerlc


I always said I would never leave the USA. After watching your video, I feel differently now.

Author — Sara Edmonds


I'm gonna move to Belize during spring I'm so excited

Author — Freya Diermayr-McMullen


Thank you for the response. If my wife and I did move to Belize, it would be as retirees. Also, my wife works her current profession remotely which suggests she could do it from Belize as well. Thanks again for the response.

Author — Crossbow1987


My birth country! <3 I hope to go back there some day! :) Thanks for making such a beautiful video of where I was born!

Author — Mithrian of Mirkwood


Thanks for the info. Can we exchange emails on through my facebook inbox so that I can ask a few more questions?

Author — jazz1bro


preciate the video mam, being of belizean decent i really like lookin at ur videos

Author — Robert Burns


Thanks for the videos, I have looked that them a couple of times. I would it be hard for a computer IT guy to get a computer business started such as a internet cafe. I also have t-shirt making skills such a vinyl or screen printing, could I sell t-shirts to tourists.

Author — mike watt


excellent place my Belize. Welcome to all

Author — rupy linux


I HOPE when I touChdown ouT there nexT monTh, I could run into ur gorgeous self. Sexi no ras! lol

Author — Sir Majesty


Great Video!, glad i found it, do you have anything more recent?. Looking to visit family in Maskall

Author — Pam o


Macarena Rose, can you please send me information on your condos or single family homes. I am very interested.
Thank You,

Author — Cynthia Phillips


Sign me up! Macarena!
I'm interested. 

Author — Carol Sloan


What's it cost to live there complete, housing, elec., food. ect. for a modest lifestyle?

Author — Joseph M


Beautifull places and you look so pretty too

Author — TEXTUDO