1665: London's Last Great Plague - Professor Vanessa Harding

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1665: London's Last Great Plague - Professor Vanessa Harding 4.5

350 years ago, London experienced a devastating outbreak of plague. Some 70,000 people died and the capital's social and economic life was disrupted for months.
The story is seemingly well-known but on closer examination there are still many disputed or puzzling features. Can we be sure that we understand the epidemic any better than those who lived through it?

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The description of the video is captivating. However the (very entertaining) lecture does not provide any answers or insights into the question if the epidemic is better understood now as then. Sehe merely poses herself to be a "plague sceptic" but she does not elaborate on it at all. So, I am still left with the questions I had before. What caused the plague? Were the bacteria the same as discovered in the 19th century? How did it spread so quickly? Why was it so deadly? What agents caused the quick spreading. Neither of these questions are answered, which is a pity, as I think she has an interesting story to tell.

Author — Ronald de Rooij


I have my grandmother's 17th century lead serving platter with images from the 1665 London plague. I became interested in parallel behavior then and there and here and now--very interesting lecture. I had not realized that there were those who did not think rats, fleas and the bacterium fit together as a story. As Ronald says below I was left with many questions.

Author — Alwyn Wootten


telling people back then that rats and fleas gave you plague was like telling them to run as far as you can .just like today

Author — snorman72


Sounds like someone was coughing dying of the plague in the audience...

Author — S B


Well assembled and well presented. Good work, professor. Thanks for posting, Gresham.

Author — William Cox


and once more we are unclean and plague ridden

Author — Grace James


why go to a lecture like this if you're just going to cough your way thru it. sir.

Author — johnnydtractive


The black death was judgment on papists..they worshipped the antichrist pope and murdered the Lords Saints and Martyrs

Author — Sword