Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper suing Pentagon over memoir redactions

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Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is suing the Pentagon over redactions in his memoir. The book describes his time as secretary of the Army and secretary of defense under former President Trump, who fired Esper via Twitter days after he lost the 2020 election. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin joined Tanya Rivero on CBSN to discuss.

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He gave his heart and soul to the former guy but still got kick out with just a msg frm twitter not face to face, after all his 200% loyalty and support for the border wall, just a tiny message by twitter "You are Fired!!"

Author — stlion


*What happened to America's Mind Control Programs?*

*Who:* CIA, NSA, DARPA, DOD (army, navy, marine, air force), DOE (research institutes, examples Walter Reed Army Medical Research institutes and Universities like Stanford research institutes). Private investigators like Booz Allen Hamilton, Stratford or Defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Boeing all have responsibility on the use of psychotronics direct energy.

*What:* Stalk harass and use Electromagnetic frequencies for neural manipulation and sabotage.

*When:* Many of the patents available show the public domain had information on these technologies back in the 1950's.

*Where:* The harassment/torture though global does stem from certain locations such as research institutes, national labs, private research facilities, military bases, hospitals, university labs, fusion centers.

*Why:* The amount of information received and control established over unknowing individuals covers up corruption. Additionally the blackmail and costly solutions lead to more tax revenue as well.

*How:* Here is a list of patents that describe remote mind control that can be used against civilians secretly.
US patent # 3773049 Electromagnetic body manipulation
US patent # 3, 233, 450 radar sound detection system
US patent # 6, 506, 148 remote neural monitor

Please share this playlist on other apps or at least give it a quick play, Shadow dealing and negativity has a lot to do with America's most complex web of secrets.

share this information for all to see as thats the only way to counteract all the hidden tactics in the public eye

Author — Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO)


If an individual is hired, given employment with the government, there is a certain amount of secrecy involved, as to protect national security. The actions of holding employment and once leaving becoming a blabber to tell all that went on, is unclear to describe as sarcastically shameless or as that of an attention grab. The example provided in the report is said one and unique in and of itself. Beyond it, there are countless examples whereby the individual feels compelled to tell, their story, to the public, to everyone, as though it must be told, all of it, the full story. The repeated examples show that history usually reveals what is important and while it is important to tell somethings it is not often realized that all is told and be it that the public laps up what they do receive, at times it might be, better, that is not the case, that the public received all that there is to be said. As people, can become dangerous or erratic in and of themselves. A stupid genius probably once said, 'in knowing we might cause more harm then good, or something to the effect. Knowledge, by design, doesn't exactly aim to create an environment of stupidity, but sometimes it does result.

Author — Christina Lynn


The Trump Rot will never end. The game show host, the Kardashian President, who LOST to Hillary and Joe, the worst Dems of them all, will haunt this country for 100 years.

Author — MJ Martin