Trumps visit with family of George H.W. Bush

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Trumps visit with family of George H.W. Bush 4.5
President Donald Trump visited with former President George W. Bush and wife Laura at the Blair House across from the White House Tuesday. The Bushes are staying there during the funeral activities for former President George H.W. Bush. (Dec. 4) -- The Associated Press

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To the reporter:
“Shouting at wrong time and wrong place is not respecting for both sides
Shame on you

Автор — Ji Fang


“What was your message Mr. President?” A reporter starts shouting at President Trump and his wife as they leave from visiting the grieving family of a former president.

The hatred and classlessness of the liberal media is absolutely sickening.

Автор — Steve


Not the time or place for the loud mouth rabid liberal reporter to shout out anything. Useless as usual.

Автор — laynn 10


The message is that presidents have different ideas of leading country and this doesn't mean that they don't have or shouldn't have human relationship. Big respect to Donald Trump and George H.W. Bush and his family.

Автор — Nonna Azaryan


It was nice to see that they could put their differences aside in this time of Grief and Loss!

Автор — james


Trump showed CLASSCBY offering the Blair House to the Bush famiky, and sending Air Force One to fly H W to Washington

Автор — Claudia Wild



Автор — charlotte barnes


Good to see the two men put their differences aside in a time of grief. Very classy by both of them.

Автор — Coll Chels


Great meeting between Donald Trump and George W Bush and his family .

Автор — Tamzid Mohsin Khan


Nice work Mr President. I'm proud of you 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍

Автор — Nick Beats


Really the Bush family have come back, thank you, A really class act honoring our president that is the way it’s done. you showed the other republicans how it’s done ✅ no matter what your differences every sitting president deserves to say and pay his last respect... great for the country and the Republican Party.... thank you my deepest condolences for president Bush sr and his family God bless you all and God bless America

Автор — John Allen


Great American President Trump and classic gorgeous First Lady Melania 👍

Автор — Novel Truth


Nice to see them come together.... we all as Americans can just chill for a bit and raise a toast to 41 and yes even you joy behar need to chill

Автор — Michael Nudelman


Yes The media is beside themselfe.They never had any class.The only time they praise R president is when they are passed on.They were nasty to 41 and 43.And now more than ever to 45.Ahame of them.They are the real enemies of us the people .

Автор — Naz Mozafarian


I've had the distinct privilege to serve under #41 (USAF) and provided security details for him and Ms. Barbara. They were some of the most genuine people I ever met; along with serving and providing the same for President Reagan and Ms. Nancy. I'll never forget their handshakes, conversations, and candor. May God be kind to all of them!

Автор — KT D


I don't like the Bush family but it was a loss for them and President Trump did the proper thing

Автор — Susanna U.


"How GREAT Thou ART" to bring together GREATNESS in the name of Jesus Our Lord!!!!

Автор — Peter Q


This is wonderful for our country and government..Morning and grief supercede all politics and ill feelings.. ox

Автор — Elizabeth Gardner


I never really cared for 43 but he did the right thing.

Автор — Keith Perry


Very "Presidential" all around.... Good show.... Thanks for posting this.... Gordon in Maryland

Автор — Gordon McCoy