Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics - Beauty and the Beast (DVD QUALITY)

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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics (GFTC)
S02E03 Beauty and the Beast

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It is one of the saddest versions of Beauty and The Beast, I cry everytime throughout the whole thing... But the ending is so beautiful. It is worth it. Every version I have seen from this one to the cartoon Disney Version and the Live Action one, helps me get the tears out when nothing else works they are all a great help.

Author — UnNatural Disaster Gamer 4 Life!


This is my favorite adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, because of the amount of romantic interaction between Maria and the Beast!! I love the voice acting, including the narrator's voice!! The characters' designs are excellently detailed! I love this very much, and I could watch this over and over again! My boyfriend loves this too!!! 💛❤

Author — Janella Arts


I remember my Granny giving me the DVD. She always knew what to give us.😊

Author — william green


This brings back memories for me. Coming home from school and watching this at 3:30. I loved it.

Author — A.R.40


My childhood memories ❤️
I used to watch this before. And now I’m watching this 💕

Author — Melvi Inchoco


I remember watching this from a film my mom picked up from a dollar store in the 90's. It has been decades but I think I have seen this one like 20 times.😜

Author — Scott Vaj


this is great!! how were you able to find these with such good quality if you dont mind me asking? Is there a place I can find a dvd of these? I used to watch them with my aunt all the time and id love a physical copy

Author — meido


i almost cry to the intro😭😭
the times where my only worries was cartoons 😭😭❤



UPDATE (December 2020): Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics is finally being released on Blu-ray! In 2021, Discotek media will release the entire series as two volumes. The releases will include the original Japanese versions, along with re-assembled versions of the English Saban dubs (the original masters having been lost). It is great to finally see this series getting an official release.

Author — perishingtardis


I'm sorry but I cried MANLY tears to this. Childhood memories too.

Author — Khalfrank


Definitely one of the most dramatic episodes of this show.

Author — Mathew Thornton


I think Maria's 1st elder sister should marry a Duke and Maria's 2nd sister should marry an Earl, that way they would have husbands who are kind, generous and helpful and care for them.

Author — Angela Raker


I love this so much, makes me feel so happy❤ the old memory type of happy

Author — Hanna S


I remember watching this and the others on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. I remember watching this version of Beauty and the Beast even before the Disney version of it was made.

Author — Alexander Pytko


I find it odd that she totally forgets about her dad at the end when she resurrects him at the end makes you think she could've cried on her fathers roses and brought him back? What do y'all think? it's quite sad.

Author — Michaelogical


This bring back great moment of my childhood nick jr

Author — Sadie cat tv


This is almost exactly how it goes in the original from 1812 :)

Author — John k.


When the Disney film was in development they were originally going to be more close to the original story like this one was by giving Belle 2 selfish sisters and we have played the role of secondary antagonists along with Gaston who was written as a nobleman at first then the idea of giving Belle 2 selfish sister's was scrapped probably because they didn't want it similar to Cinderella which led to the original character they created Gaston being rewritten from a nobleman to a hunter

Author — William Pulfer-melville


This episode is from the German version of Beauty and the Beast called The Summer and Winter Garden.

Author — I ❤️ Florida/Warrior Cat Fan


I saw this on nick in 88 on special delivery at age six yet I was four when I saw the 1983 ruby spears animated special on hbo then in 87 on syndicated tv the George c Scott version and the cbs series with Ron Perlman with my mother every Thursday night were my intros to the story.

I even saw the Disney version 3 times in theaters at age 9 and saw the 1946 movie at age 12. I find it to be a fascinating story about not judging a book by its cover.

This show with Warriors of the wind aka nausicaa, mysterious cities of gold, unico movies and more were my intros to anime.

The beast here looks like an ogre

Author — Johnlindsey289