What To Do When You're Bored With Life? Prasoon Joshi With Sadhguru

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What To Do When You're Bored With Life? Prasoon Joshi With Sadhguru 5
Unraveling Death: Prasoon Joshi with Sadhguru | In Conversation with the Mystic

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I feel bored because I’m lonely 😔 and I wanna have a partner like a girlfriend but it seems like none of them want relationships they just wanna be together for awhile then move on to another person and so forth

Author — IM YOUR DAD


He successfully skipped answering the question

Author — Sai teja


if you think no one love you, , then fine a dog and take good care of it see how the dog love you back..and do same care to others and see the result..in 10 people there must atlest 1 person give you back their love..

Author — Raj Raj


Oh wow, my thoughts exactly. A while ago i realized there is no substantial difference between shopping, art or faith, it's just different ways of filling this empty space in your life. I wasn't sure if i was way out of line but here is a wise man saying the same thing. I might not be crazy after all.

Author — Lana Yashina


Depression: exists
Sadhguru: I’m about to ruin this man’s career

Author — Jeff B


"Everything in Jungle not in Mumbai" Sadhguru nailed it. .Pranams Sadhguru..

Author — Chandramouli Srinivasan


"Even with the blessings, you'll die..." -EPIC ONE.

Author — Styled simply


We are bored because we need something to fight for. Fight for love, fight for success, fight for freedom, fight agains aging, fight for your life, fight for rights. In today’s world, we have so much technology and access to newly ways to live that we have lost the will to fight for things.

Author — M. Abuzaiza


Sadhguru is never direct with his answers so at first I thought this guy is nonsense. But only now I realize that the one who is nonsense is me.

Author — Uddipan Sharma


Without love.. everything is meaningless.

Author — SuperDeepakGurjar RedMusic


i am 13 years old and i am also getting bore my mom and dad every time tells me to get 1st rank but ill get 3 rd or 2 nd but not 1 st they will be not happy with my knowledge only rank rank but just tell me if the exam paper wont come from the book wt can i do



This is one of my favorite conversation ever of Sadguru. I loved it, I don't know how many times I watched it. Every time I learn something new.😍😍

Author — Sadhguru -More Than a Life


give me endless money i will give back endless love

Author — Subrata Chakraborty


It's just like you are asking apple and he is giving you seed water and mud, a deeper understanding is needed for that, you are saying he is not giving the apple you have asked for, but what he has given that you can have the whole tree of apples by that, its not your mistake because humans try to learn everything by mechanical way of learning but in spritual process it's not like that

Author — mystics


SADLY SUDHGURU not answering the question but speaks generally about life

Author — Mike Bula


"Philosophy and reason will remain the most beautiful sanctuary they have always been for the select few." Einstein

"Slavery and thralldom of the worst kind ever follows in the train of gurudom (prophethood), it utterly enfeebles men morally, intellectually and spiritually." The Last Reformer - vjsingh.info/dayanan

Author — Vijai Singh


respect sadhguru, still the question remains unanswered, how to experience depth and dimensions of life?

Author — Arun Madan


Realization, awareness, knowledge about oneself IS ENLIGHTMENT.

Author — Suviboy Love


This men is a revelation! And very welcome for me at this point of my life. I will translate his words on paper to french for all my friends and the people who seek a little wisdom around me. Thank you

Author — kendal metaxas


it is how you look at the life if you think negative or always bad then life will be boring

ozn kmz mdh cltk

Author — ShitEUpeople braindamage