Arnab Goswami vs Kunal Kamra Case | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee

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Arnab Goswami vs Kunal Kamra Case | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee 4.5

Recently on an Indigo flight, by chance comedian Kunal Kamra met Arnab Goswami. He recorded a video mocking him after which the Indigo airlines lent a 6 month flight ban. Consequently, other airlines like Air India, Spicejet and Goair also banned him from flying for an undefined period of time. Was he right or wrong to engage with Arnab like that? In this video, I tell my opinion regarding the case and what it tells you about the system and rules in our country.

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UPDATE: Kunal Kamra issues a legal notice to Indigo airlines for violation of rules. He demands compensation of ₹25 Lakh for mental torture and losses suffered as a result of the ban

Author — Dhruv Rathee


Itni jaldi agr RAPE pe action lete toh baat hi kya

Author — Itishree Mehra


Kunal kamra ko plane se ky ban kie, planes udna hi band hoogaye 😂😎

Author — Hassan Ali


ravish kumar faces this daily and nobody utters a word.

Author — suberbb tafer


Kunal b like.
Main nahi udega, toh ghar se bhi koi nii niklega

Author — Anshika Yaduvanshi


Only one principle applies in India - “Show me the man, then I will tell you the rules”.
This is next level customization. May god bless our country !

Author — Kanwarneet Kaur


Arnab was literally on " FLIGHT MODE "

Author — aYuB k


6 months ho geya 😂😂 Airlines band hai 😔😔

Author — Rinki Gupta


Completely true, if there will be a violation of rules and law, then issues will be with normal people, completely break of law and order

Author — zainab khan


BJP rules are applied by seeing the face and religion

Author — Faisal Hussain


भाई ने कुत्ते को क्या छेड़ा मालिक ने तो काट ही लिया।



All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others!

Author — P B


You won thousands of heart at 5:01 including me....

Author — Uzair Patel


Kunal IGNORED as of he is a DOG ...😂😂😂

Author — Ramagya Singh


Video description of Kunal kamra be like no animals were harmed while making this video 😂😂 still he is punished

Author — Charanjeet Kaur


Plane के यात्रियों के अनुसार पहली बार उनहें काफी मजा आया।

पैसा वसूल था।

Author — Animesh Priyadarshee


Airlines were hit hard for their decision. Corona virus hit them hard.

Author — Suchetan Saravanan


I didn't understand why Cellphone has a “Flight Mode" option. Now I understand the use of it.

Author — ওবায়দুল্লাহ সুজন Obaidullah Sujon


Sir you why don't talk about freedom of press

Author — HELLO SIR


Tere ek bhi video nahi haaya, AAP corporator delhi riots master mind. Aap ka daala hai tu. Sach baata sabko.

Author — ANIL CHAUHAN Shree