Mazaaq Raat 22 March 2016 | Anwar Masood Funny Poetry - Dunya News

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Mazaaq Raat 22 March 2016 | Anwar Masood Funny Poetry - Dunya News 4.5

Watch Mazaaq Raat 22 March 2016 where Anwar Masood is joined by Vasay Chaudhry on Dunya News with his Funny Poetry.

Mazaaq Raat is a popular Pakistani Comedy Entertainment show. Vasay Chaudhry hosts the show with Amanullah Khan, Sakhawat Naz, Iftikhar Thakur, Mohsin Abbas Haider (DJ), Aima Baig and the guest Anwar Masood.
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rabb mhr rakhe khusian vndhde rho masoob sahib 😊

Author — Gurpreet Singh


kaash is shakhs ko meri umar bhi lag jaye

Author — Ehsan Gujjar


i m indian..great show..ajj dil lut lia...thanx....Rameesh singh arora nal v mulakat karo...

Author — Pardeep Singh


What a Personality... Hats off....
Lots of Love from India... :*

Author — vishal bhardwaj


Notice Sir Amman-Ullah - the whole episode he is sitting quite and OBSERVING the great legend.
Anwar Massood is a true legend, hardly anyone in this episode speak including host and other people. only legend show his brilliant work :)


Author — Rizwan Bahadur


Ya Episode 2nd Part be hona chey tha...Ek Episode ma Anwar Masood sath Program Short hai

Author — Sarmad Skt


Waah Masood Sahib.. you are great !! Lots of love from India !!

Author — Manbir Sandhu


Jaise ap farmye gein mein farm jaoun ga .. Nice one, Proud for gujrat and Pakistan

Author — imran ch


Zabardast... Great Poet... pehla show daikha hai jis main aaj comedians khamosh rahay... (Y)

Author — Salman Shaikh


Our legend.
our proud...
thanks for inviting Anwar Masood

Author — Imtiaz Awan


He is so humble and down to earth! I just love his personality❤️ . Every single word said by Anwar Sab really touches your heart, and his sense of humour is just👌🏼.

Author — Azka Rasool


lajawab, ,,, program me sb guests ko jugat lgti hai lakin kesi ki himat ni hui ANWAR MASOOD sab ko judat marny ki,
- via YouPak(.com)

Author — babar akhter


My favorite moment of the show was the last few seconds - when Anwar Masood stood smiling amidst all the appreciation...
So many of them we have not honored...
So many of them are living forgotten...
So many of them died in anonymity...
I personally think that (especially) in recent times, our nation has done nothing to deserve such heroes.
However, those claps in last few seconds portray something different...
Artists feed on appreciation. And it feels great that to see him getting acknowledgement....

Author — Rayyan Khan


he is great entertainer n poet, May he live long and enjoy good health, The Great Anwar Masood

Author — king Khan


Never saw all people standing all together for any one in this show. RESPECT!

Author — Umair Tariq


what an Amazing personality, Ye age ky Iss Hise mein hain jis Age mein Apna Jota Ya Apne sigret Rakhne Ky Bad Yad Nehii Rehta Insan Ko Ky Kahan pe Rakhe Thy,
Iss Age mein Itni Amazing Memory Qable Tareef Hi Nehii Qable Heran Kin Baat Hai,
Aur Yehii Sache Aur Seddii Rah Dekhane Wale Loog Hain Jo Apne Ek Munfrid Dilkash Andaz Mein Fun Aur Mazaaq Mein Ase Batin Bolte Hain Jo Insan Samje Tu Rehnmaai Kerne Wali Batin Hain God Bless Him

Author — Touqeer Ahmad


What a man, great poet and brilliant sense of humor.... Its honour to watch you sir...

Author — Shani Khan


May ALLAH give long live to Anwar Masood sb with good health!

Author — Rabeet Mirza


Anwaar masood konbulana tha to show ki timing 1 hour kar leety.... 33 min buhat kum hai

Author — Haseeb Ahmed


respect for anwar masood sahab....its my dream to meet him once in my life

Author — dancing Ahadl