Inspiring Piano Music Instrumental - Dream Worlds

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Inspiring Piano Music Instrumental - Dream Worlds 5

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Composer: Greg Dombrowski

Secession Studios:

emotional, building, uplifting, inspiring, inspirational, accomplishment, beauty, nature, earth, planet, uplifting, nostalgic, piano, commercial, advertising, motivational

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What does your dream world contain?? Let me know in the comments...

Author — Secession Studios


When I heard this I used this video to fall to sleep and once I dreamed about a competition at which I didn't know what it was about.

I was on a stage with four other guys but couldn't hear what the woman in front of us said, instead I heard the music and right when the music went all out people started clapping and the guys were lifting me up.

I don't know why I dreamed about something like that but still dude thanks for this video and thanks for the joy in my dream.

Edit: sorry for any mistakes

Author — Issa Samad


one of the best pieces of music i've ever heard

Author — Jason Agbodza


I am starting to think that you are a god. I no longer see you as a composer, but THEE COMPOSER 👌👌👌 cheers mate

Author — Mr. MeVsMe


New year, new music, same greatness.

Author — Solid Shepard


There is an infinite and profound sadness emerging from within ... magnificently chaotic. Wreaking havoc in my heart in such an achingly sublime manner. Thank you. Xxx

Author — Palo Sweet


Havent had a song make me cry of joy in such a long time.

Author — Matt Forget


Can I use this music as a background for my song???

Author — Satyam Parde 135


This makes me cry by the way Bcuz of how good it is

Author — Eyeofeagle 905


I'm very happy to have found your channel, many of your tracks touches all the right notes inside, love your music.
Can I use this track for my drone video? It's not for profit, just a hobby. Greetings from Europe

Author — Muse Photography


Stunning song! Can I use it for a video on YouTube? Of course with mention of your name.

Author — Nils Hannes Klotz


Someone should add this music with Interstellar or something!! This is perfection.

Author — Stephen Kandeh


It just like i see someone who looking for hope desperately and finally he find it

Author — aryani kartika


thecessecion vou usar umas musicas do seu canal para o filme que estou fazendo

Author — Biel Silva


I'm probably going to use it in one of my YT videos, am I going to find any copyright issues?

Author — Diego Gonzalez Galicia


The music is dope 🔥
One question tho, do you need some help with video editing?

Author — Cross Production


Would i be able to use this in a album? Or vid? If not then its ok

Author — ToshiroMtV


truly awsm music ...please may I use this as my video background music

Author — Sayan Dutta


If i buy it, can I use this amazing music to my comic web? #ask.before.use

Author — Sun Lily


Can we use you music for our motivational speeches on our channel. We will make sure to leave all credits to you.

Author — FunKidsTV 141