How to grow a beard | 5 Things EVERY beginner should know!!

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5 tips for starting to grow a beard
Keeps the beard very soft and manageable
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This is a guide for beginner's who are trying to grow a beard, these are 5 essential tips you need to know before growing a beard, how to grow one, and what to do once you have one. Aso how to make girls like your beard lol.

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i appreciate you not wasting time and just jumping into the tips

Author — DeyVonte Travis


Step 1.
Have the genetics for facial hair.

Step 2.
Don’t shave.

Author — Loki


Thanks a ton for the tips man. Every single one has helped me immensely - I have a chronically dry face and scalp so I end up using a ton of products to sort it out, and now that my beard's coming in proper full (but still quite wiry and coarse, just how it is for me) after a nice shower where it's still vaguely damp but quite soft I massage the oil in then hit it with some reuzel balm and it's aces for me.

The neck-line trick is gold though, exactly the trick my barber used the last time I was in - I've always tried to go for the neckline but never quite got it right until now haha.

Much appreciated man!

Author — l33tster


Spent 4 months on my beard was coming on so well and today I went to give the sides a trim with the electric shaver and the guard fell off taking a huge chunk out of it so today I was destroyed as I had to shave it all off now I need to start all over again so thanks for the advice mate, keep the vids coming have subscribed

Author — Steven Tate


Don't Shave. ✔️
Don't give up. ✔️
Dump girlfriend. ✔️
Give it 3 months ✔️
Use beard products ✔️
Use beard come/brush ✔️
Done 😃👍

Author — Gerardo Silva


How to grow a beard:

1: Stop shaving.
2: No, that's it.

Author — Scott K


Finally someone that gets to the point and is calm and relaxed. Love it!

Author — Baran


Been growing my beard for 24 years fam. Still no sign of existence

Author — Amir White


Started my journey on growing a beard at the beginning of Oct! I bought the biotin beard growth as I do have crazy patches all around. It came in a week ago. Thanks for your video! I promised myself I would not cut or trim till the January 2018. No matter who laughs at me. Will use lifting weights and exercise as a booster. Wish me luck!

Author — eli600rr


It sounds insignificant but growing a beard is honestly one of the best things I've ever done. I'm 33 and growing a full beard for the first time. I had no idea I could even grow one until I quit shaving...And what do you know Jan 1st I'll be 4 months in and I have a great looking beard lol. Now I'm just curious how long I can grow it lol....Going for a yeard. I always just use to rock a chin beard and mustache, turns out I jus never gave the full beard a chance to grow.

Author — MizzouPatriot 88


Been growing my beard for a little while now, maybe 6 months or so... Completely blew my mind when you said to stop shaving or trimming it. I strongly believed that by doing so it would grow fuller and thicker because that's what I'd been told since I was a kid. Gunna look into it some more to find out for sure if that's the case or not haha. Definitely going to pick up a beard brush and beard oil though. Think i'll hold off on the pills for now.

Author — Octane Street


Great video! Inspirational. I have been growing my wild facial hair for approximately a month and a half. I’m 48 and I wore a nice full goatee for about 5 years when they were in style. Now the part of my facial hair that would be my goatee has grown in fairly thick. Thing is that since my natural hair color is almost black and with the natural aging process, I have these long ass wild long silver hairs that are totally unruly. Much longer than the dark brown hairs.
One other problem I have is the hair on my upper cheeks and neck are patchy as hell. It’s as if my hair follicles are spaced too far apart from each other. Should time and styling help these patchy spots? What do you think about Biotin for hair growth? What about other products that might aid in beard growth?
Thanks for the great video 👍

Author — Ray Day33


Ok, I’ve pretty much made every beard mistake I can.. and have been correcting. Neck line, using regular shampoo, not using enough oil etc. should I shave and start over? Or will the damage correct itself, split ends etc. it’s starting to get some length but didn’t want to start over if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Thanks

Author — 50calprepper


My beard was very thin after 6 months and always fanned out with curles, so I decided to shave it and it is way thicker and doesn't fan out in curles and grew back a lot faster and thicker

Author — Johnny’s Entertainment


When you use the L techhique for shaping it at the beginning, do you trim the neck in a squared-off shape or do you just use it as a reference point for height and curve it back?

Author — Sean W


Yes I can't wait to use my beard comb on my non-existent beard. Thanks for the tips fam! 🥲

Author — flex


Aye man! I know it’s been some years since you posted this but I’m starting my beard journey and this video helped a lot 👏🏼

Author — Cody Ornellas


Hey Scuba, I have started the beard growing journey even though my genetics are horrible and couldn't grow a beard naturally if I tried lol. I have been using minoxidil for about a week now and I'm starting to grow a little hair. I have heard Biotin works wonders for beard growth. So do you think Minoxidil and Biotin would be a good combo? Like I said, I have very very little facial hair and have wanted a beard for a good while. I'm 26 but look like an 18 yr old, gotta change that lol. Any beard advice would be appreciated.

Author — Cam F


Absolutely love the no BS execution. Just straight to the point. Absolutely a real bro

Author — WillisMagilous


Can anyone tell me if brushing/combing your beard AS ITS GROWING helps in any way in the long term? I mean brushing it during the entire growing process from just above stubble length and up... Like will it condition the hair to grow in a more uniform pattern or anything? Glad he mentioned the neck shaving, I was actually wondering that, I knew it would look weird if I sheved under my jaw but couldn't imagine letting my neck hair grow out lol.

Author — Brooklynyte