Silvaco TCAD ATLAS Tutorial 19, How to write a code in DevEdit? How to build FinFET STRUCTURE?

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Silvaco TCAD ATLAS Tutorial 19, How to write a code in DevEdit? How to build FinFET STRUCTURE?
What is FinFET?
What is DevEdit?
How to write a program in DevEdit?
Goal And Purpose Of Creating A New Mesh
Defining Regions and their parameters
Mesh Creation
Meshing in Z plane
How to Save the file in DevEdit and it’s syntax
Difference - Silvaco Standard vs. Devedit
Silicon FINFET device in 3D with BQP

Hello to all
Thank you so much for your support and love.
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The list of codes that I will be providing incudes:
Design of Bulk MOSFET, SOI MOSFET (PD & FD), DGMOSFET, TFET, Nanowire FET, Nanowire FET for Gas sensing, Triple Metal Gate Vertical TFET, JLTFET Biosensor, CPTFET Biosensor Ferroelectric FET, Organic FET, GaN nanowire, AlGaN/GaN HEMT, FinFet, Dual Source VTFET.
Simulation PPT - 450 slides + Modeling - 62 slides (Both in rupees 7,000 only).
Offer is valid up to 31st march 2021.

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You are adorable dr. Girish. Thank you very much.

Author — firas firas


Sir, Is it possible to include BSIM-CMG model in atlas and how to obtain the lateral cut



Can I design Vertically stacked GAA structure through Devedit

Author — Vaibhav Purwar


excellent sir, i nedd to write a code that study INGAN in photovoltaic solar cell if you could i'll be so grateful for it thanks a lot sir

Author — Youcef Ai


excellenet sir, your video really helps me to learn silvaco.Sir pls upload some video on biosensor design using zno.

Author — Anirban Chowdhury


can we merge cylindrical and cubical design? any specific procedure

Author — Vaibhav Purwar


Hi, please, in this structure, the FinFET is bulk or SOI, thank's in advance .

Author — abdelaziz physique


sir, how to simulate mosfet using different gate dielectric materials. I need to do project and have no clue about it. Plz help

Author — Raghunandan


Very helpful video series sir . Plz make video on verilog. A .

Author — shubham kumar