India's technology aims to take over the world (Part 2) - BBC Click

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India's technology aims to take over the world (Part 2) - BBC Click 4.5

In the second episode of Click's special India season, how Google is turning the country's 163-year-old railway into a fibre optic network to bring internet to all. Plus a soon-to-be weaponised underwater drone and the 'Uber of India'.

Twitter: @bbcclick

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BBC isn't insulting India??!!!OMG is this true??they are saying something positive about India??!!!

Author — Thanos did nothing wrong


a well made and inspring program. much love to India from Kenya

Author — Root 90


so BBC is praising India. Some strategy behind this?

Author — shubham sharma


awkward moment when you say India is Changing but can't change your stereotype.

Author — Shashank Kumar


"Take over the World" ? Sorry don't like the tone of it :) India never wants to take over anyone or anything ..just live in peace and with everyone.

Author — Vignesh Baliga


Is this real BBC bcause they are not insulting india??

Author — Random


ahahah, i just cannot believe my eyes, evil BBC anti-Indian propaganda media is trying hard to praise India?? really. never heard about Sun rising from the West haha

Author — Bidu Bidu


Mumbai is not India, look East at least.

Author — Aritra Majumder


We are Indians. We have lots of problems. But we always aim to achieve the unachievable. That's why India is marching ahead in just 70 years !! Our politicians and some people are letting us down. But we will never lose the hope.

Author — Arif Khan Hindustani


BREXIT, really hit them well, that's why sudden change of tune ! We all know BBC be smirking when making this video praising India.

Author — Babita Singh


Wow are you loosing viewers? Is that why you are praising India now?

Author — మల్లావరపు సహజ్ కుల్దెప్


Anti-Indian channel has changed its mindset woh.. that's good



oooh....something is burning, right? I can smell it...oh yeah its their "pride" !

Author — abhijit baishya


BBC seems to have toned down its anti india rhetorics recently...

Author — Arpan Mukherjee


wish Nepal could learn from India in innovation and research.

Author — arjun bohara


India is poor because the Brits colonolized them for 400 years and looted them

Author — siju mathew


Watching india Thrive from Nepal 🇳🇵.. If there's anything changing here I have to take the step

Author — Notorious Garage


BBC finally talk something positive about India, we are great to see any peaceful progress in India. but BBC never stop smearing my country, they always reported bad and negative about China.BBC is absolutely abbreviation for British Bigmouth Corporation.or British Brainwash Corporation.

Author — Fantasticman


104 satellites launched from a single rocket ..thats great world record

Author — Technical Minds


nothing is free, if one thinks its free then they are wrong, Google is cleaver they are getting all the analytics for free for their business model and there after they can sell ads and products for them... so in this model the consumer is the product... I hope Google is not going to ban me for this comment ;)

Author — Mr B Razer