Wonderful Winter landing at Montreal A330-200 Cockpit

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Wonderful Winter landing at Montreal A330-200 Cockpit 5
Noseview of the Swiss A330-300 Landing in Montreal.
This is the daily service from Zurich Switzerland to Montreal, Canada.
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Filmed by dominic neil hug for swiss international 2016, This Video was Uploaded to Youtube under all Youtube Partner Guidelines, licensed by Youtube.

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Swiss International Air Lines

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Beautiful landing in a beautiful city.

Author — Neville Billimoria


GPWS 120 call out... I've never heard that before. Interesting. Great video.

Author — James Stone


haha yeah, all the other videos I've seen they're continuously waving giving directions. This person just wanders off... "yeah, you can figure it out yourself"

Author — Nakeeky


Now that was a soft landing. :D Great clip, again, as usual. :)

Author — immortalisblog


@dnhug I'm sure you meant Switzerland in the description right??

Author — Dominik Ullrich


Beautiful! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite aviation channels.

Author — suriljasani


Awesome quality, thanks for posting! :)

Author — JohnyBravoSix


Wonderful! You just landed in my country (I have double citizenship) :D I've landed in CYUL on an A330-300 as well... From Air Canada! I also landed with BA's Triple 7 and 18 years ago on a three month old Air France A340-300 in Mirabel! :D

Wonderful video! Thumbs up!

Author — Vee One


Hello George,

I just wanted to tell you that FlyTampa looks SO good! Do you think there will be a FlyTampa Brussels?


Author — Bob Pilot


3:18 mark (left side with the circle like parking area) Pitfield...really good and popular spot to watch the planes land...have been there many times... :-)
Kirk..Montreal, Canada

Author — rhymeandreasoning


Welcome to Montreal. Nice landing! Now we just gotta get one of CYUL in spring or summer. ;-)

Author — Richard Kruk


great footage Dom, nice to see you were here in Canada!

Author — frequentairbusflyer8


Great! I just landed there from Newark on a CRJ 145 about 2 days ago.

Author — Mauricio Ravilet


Thanks man, i'll go check right now!
How was Cairo (HECC) by the way?

Author — Skyflyerification


Awesome! Brick one right? You were so low OMG I would have called a go

Author — HyperMinimal


Fantastic video again!
My night in Austria is now complete:D

Author — HDviation


As always, great video! A couple of years ago, I flew from CYUL to KORD and saw Swiss depart CYUL for LSZH and then saw Swiss arrive at KORD from LSZH. Two international flights in two different counties on the same day, cool! Check out some of my Swiss wing-view videos under my YouTube Id.

Author — beckerm13


Beaucoup de neige a Zurich et a Montreal, mais les avions volent normalement. 5cm de neige a Paris et c'est le grand bordel. Mais il y a une explication : En France, la neige est geree par Bercy.

Author — Michel Hugonnot


@elyasf Read the description next time. "Noseview of the Swiss A330-300 Landing in Montreal."

Author — jumpstartation


...simply, thank you to DNHUG for this video, other videos will sean with enjoinment. (please escuse my English), see you soon claudio

Author — Claudio Corrado