Wonderful Winter landing at Montreal A330-200 Cockpit

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Wonderful Winter landing at Montreal A330-200 Cockpit 5

Noseview of the Swiss A330-300 Landing in Montreal.
This is the daily service from Zurich Switzerland to Montreal, Canada.
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Filmed by dominic neil hug for swiss international 2016, This Video was Uploaded to Youtube under all Youtube Partner Guidelines, licensed by Youtube.

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Swiss International Air Lines

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GPWS 120 call out... I've never heard that before. Interesting. Great video.

Author — James Stone


Beautiful landing in a beautiful city.

Author — Neville Billimoria


3:18 mark (left side with the circle like parking area) Pitfield...really good and popular spot to watch the planes land...have been there many times... :-)
Kirk..Montreal, Canada

Author — rhymeandreasoning


Beaucoup de neige a Zurich et a Montreal, mais les avions volent normalement. 5cm de neige a Paris et c'est le grand bordel. Mais il y a une explication : En France, la neige est geree par Bercy.

Author — Michel Hugonnot


Great! I just landed there from Newark on a CRJ 145 about 2 days ago.

Author — Mauricio Ravilet


Wonderful! You just landed in my country (I have double citizenship) :D I've landed in CYUL on an A330-300 as well... From Air Canada! I also landed with BA's Triple 7 and 18 years ago on a three month old Air France A340-300 in Mirabel! :D

Wonderful video! Thumbs up!

Author — Vee One


@dnhug I'm sure you meant Switzerland in the description right??

Author — Dominik Ullrich


Now that was a soft landing. :D Great clip, again, as usual. :)

Author — immortalisblog


Hello George,

I just wanted to tell you that FlyTampa looks SO good! Do you think there will be a FlyTampa Brussels?


Author — Bob Pilot


Beautiful! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite aviation channels.

Author — suriljasani


we are never allow to fly this in my C150 :o/  but we can do circles around the MontRoyal on the left :o)

Author — JoeCool


Welcome to Montreal. Nice landing! Now we just gotta get one of CYUL in spring or summer. ;-)

Author — Richard Kruk


great footage Dom, nice to see you were here in Canada!

Author — frequentairbusflyer8


@elyasf Read the description next time. "Noseview of the Swiss A330-300 Landing in Montreal."

Author — jumpstartation


nice! very nice!
hey dom I got a wingview landing! sadly i was only able to capture it with my mobile phone! how am I able to change the aspect ratio in magix?

Author — Skyflyerification


Fantastic video again!
My night in Austria is now complete:D

Author — HDviation


Awesome quality, thanks for posting! :)

Author — JohnyBravoSix


I was on one of these flights (LX86 I believe?) and when we landed, I asked to visit the cockpit but they didn't let me :( It was a great flight nonetheless! Awesome video, glad to see that you like my hometown.

Author — MD727


Thanks man, i'll go check right now!
How was Cairo (HECC) by the way?

Author — Skyflyerification


Awesome! Brick one right? You were so low OMG I would have called a go

Author — HyperMinimal