New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News 4.5

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Live: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News

💬 Comments on the video

Thank you Gov Cuomo. From the insanity of Az I've appreciated having your briefings to watch everyday. You are a wonder and a gift to society.

Author — Brenda Brass


Governor I like your energy. God bless you



Shout out to the ASL signer who has been keeping up with the Governor "word for word" for weeks now! GREAT JOB! His name is Arkady Belozovsky...look him up.

Author — Rabbi Sandy Zisser


Thank you, Governor Cuomo and your teams, for all that you have done over the past 3 months to educate, enlighten and even entertain all Americans, not just New Yorkers. You filled a void to help us get the information so sorely needed for our safety and health. With deepest appreciation from this former New Yorker (now in one of those states where Covid is spiraling out of control). CUOMO 2024!

Author — R Newman


Great leader gretting from morocco we gonna miss your daily briefings

Author — Ham


Huge respect and thank you for the past 3 months!🤔

Author — Kersen Sour


He's the only REALITY TV worth watching. Thank you Gov.

Author — vipstudiosable


I just don't know what I'm going to do without your daily briefings Governor Cuomo. You helped to make a very scary world less so. From an Illinois citizen, many thanks.

Author — Juanita C


Your team has done an amazing job keeping you updated on everything. You have showed the world including me ( in Canada) the different types of leadership in the U. S, . You have brought New Yorkers through this. I watch everyday. Much respect to you.

Author — Sharon Schubert


Thank you, Governor, for your leadership in this difficult time. I felt sick w/ uncertainty until I discovered your press briefings. You've filled a huge gap for the nation, providing comfort & a sense of direction in the midst of Federal chaos. I learned much about the pandemic from your briefings. Knowledge brings confidence & the ability to be proactive. It was scary early on, watching the federal government fail to provide accurate information/facts, & contradicting their own messaging repeatedly. Thank God for you. Blessings.

Author — Wishes


Mr Cuomo. You are simply the best of the best! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author — Googles googles


I am going to have severe withdrawals when Gov. Cuomo stops his daily briefings. HELP!!!

Author — Blue Pine


Best and true miss the briefings so much...😔😔😔❤NY

Author — Maria Ferreira


Have been watching since the start (from Florida, unfortunately.) Governor Cuomo, you have done a phenomenal job!

Author — Marguerite Rappoport


Oh What am I going to do now, who I am going to listen to going forward? I don't even live in the US and I live in the UK. I don't even listen to the UK/Boris Johnson's
Thank you Gov. Cuomo

Author — Cacaty Ty


I'm truly going to miss his daily briefings🌻🌻

Author — Sunny Disposition


These briefings will be so missed! I’m not even in or from
NY & listened daily... 🙏🏾 to&for us all!

Author — HisAngel Mom2aGoddess


I think New York did so well, because they had a great governor leading them.

Author — snooker48


Thank you.
You have made a believer in what you do.
You have given the voiceless a voice sir.
38 years ago today I joined usmc. You make it all wor tv h what I gave to the x counrty. I am a decorated veteran from Lebanon era

Author — Joe Lang


Immense thanks for your outstanding leadership, New York is proud to have you as a governor - the NATION would be ecstatic to have you as THE PRESIDENT!!!! Thank you for your service, and please do consider banning incoming travel to NYC from states with very high levels of COVID-19!

Author — for the love of it all