A Day in the Life - HR Manager

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A Day in the Life - HR Manager 4.5

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A day in the life if HR,
Tick boxes, closely align myself to the department manager.
Perform bowel cleansing on manager.
Read emails, delete emails.
Go to lunch.
Prepare report on cost savings.
Fire a department.
Issue redundancies.
Hire lower cost compliant socio paths.
Send sorry you're a loser emails to non successful applicants.
Go home & plug myself into formaldehyde unit to recharge replenish arterial fluids.
Go to bed, wake up do it all again.

Author — Alain Jonass


most hr representatives are working most intently on breaking down their own consciences for an increased paycheck. this is not acceptable.

Author — Jessica Alcorn


it was really nice interview experience truly an

Author — James C


IT means that HR need to get their head out of their assess, and visit the employees, and management, visually seeing the type of skills that they can present to a company. Today's HR people omit the "Human" part of their job, and rely on assessment tests that "Doctors of psychology" prescribe. Then they use these programs, and tests to analyze you. Which is a bunch of Bull shit. They let machines do the work instead of humans. They should be called "Machine Resources". They are lazy, and don't use the reference's provided. That's why organizations today lack skills. They say "the skills you need will be provided with on-the-job-training(OJT)". So they let a degreed idiot replace a person with 20yrs of knowledge, and then expect the that this 20yr old vet teach the degreed idiot. Open your eyes HR we are Humans not machines, we are tired of you making stupid decisions for us, and ruining our lives, and careers.

Author — Corsair0829


More than a year and with more than 6K views but no comment yet. Does this mean that the world is turning its back on HR? Surely, HR has a role to play in most organizations.

Author — Pascalis Claudius Lotinggi