Alfred Rose Mashup

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

konkani songs of Alfred Rose in a form of a Mashup. In remembrance of Alfred Rose

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Well done for digging out the ' Alfred Rose ' gems..

Great singing by the ' Father n sons '

God bless..

Author — Tomy pereira


Beautiful meaningful old songs of our late melody King Alfred rose 🌹. Good music 🎶. Good voice to hear. Good duet. Nice dancing 💃👌great keep it up. God bless you'll 🙌🙏❤.

Author — Peter Sequeira


Good Lovely voice. Musician was just mind-blowing and his dancing on the beats was just awesome. Loved seeing him dancing.

Author — Epiphania Menezes


Well done Swindon Goans👍👍.. for keeping Alfred Rose's memory alive singing his legendary songs.

Author — Vera Correia


Thanks Pascoal Vaz and family for the lovely editing of the video..

Author — Sebastian Fernandes


Brilliant. I liked the musician he is very energetic love his moves. He will be a great musician one day.

Author — Framvel studio


Wow that was fabulous.I enjoyed it very much I am a fan of King of melody Alfred rose That was beautifully directed.A big hug for your bai( lady of Goa) Not forgetting your baba who played a major part in playing the organ👍On the whole the credit goes to you all ❤️Goyekars

Author — Francis Espy Fernandes


Superb selection of songs and lovely Keep it up....

Author — Delcy Fernandes


very nice tribute to Alfred Rose. Nice keyboard play by the young one. Music surely brings cheer and popularity

Author — SFernandes deIndiaGoa


in fact.... nice way to remember our Melody King Alfred Rose

Author — Augusto Morais


Well done all sogs all of all ways remember Alfred rose melody King songs thanks for true words remembering us

Author — Gabriel Barbosa


I like musician boy mothermerry bless u son

Author — Safina moraes Safina moraes