TWiV 635: Mask hysteria

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TWiV 635: Mask hysteria 4.5

Daniel Griffin provides a clinical update on COVID-19, then we review SARS-CoV-2 shedding in children, how to resume school safely, the need for widespread testing and wearing face masks, and much more, including listener email.

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Ha! If it takes you guys two hours to get to the point, it's because the intervening discussion is crammed with good information and drilling down to important details. Whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it! TWiV is an important service and contribution to the greater good. 👍☺️

Author — Brian Case


how can the cost of testing be prohibitive when the cost of treating more people is presumably far greater? I can't understand why the cost of testing is being pushed onto the university ( for example) rather than the health care provider... . coming from the UK I don't fully understand the US healthcare system, but surely it would make economic sense for heath funders, including health insurance providers to contribute to testing to save costs in the long run?

Author — L J


There needs to be more talk (not here, in general) about the psychological effects of a pandemic on kids.

Author — Elaniago


I thought this one was really good, thanks. Everybody has good scientific insight and advice about the pandemic, but also the humor is good and keeps my attention. Fighting is a high risk activity haha!

Author — Joe Smith


my ears went up when you said studying the spike is too many eggs in a basket. I am hooked. this is awesome! a fantastic discussion

Author — Michael McKinley


I'm finding your podcasts much more entertaining now that I can see all your smiling faces! Thanks for helping me get up-to-date on my rusting-for-40-to-45-years virology skills. Sometimes I can even apply what I learn to my cat doctoring.

Author — Gayle Robison


More have been tested for this in a short period of time than any other disease in history. Yet 43% were killed in Nursing homes and the rest are conflated.

Author — Lying Eyes


Some questions about the study on convalescent serum and the negative interaction due to late application between the inherent clotting factors and the thrombo-embylitic period of the disease mentioned around 26:28.

Assuming I understand you correctly, you mentioned a majority of the patients in the study were terminal, which I would presume means they degenerated until they were bedridden and likely on ventilators. If this is true, wouldn't a proclivity to form thrombi stem from the immobility of the patients at this stage? The addition of the clotting factors from the convalescent serum would add fuel to the fire, but the primary driver of the clotting would be the fact they are bedridden for a protracted period of time and likely further immobilized for intubation?

Or was the study intimating this process was much earlier onset then one would expect from an immobilized population thus ruling out the increasingly lethargic/sedentary state being the primary culprit? Instead it is purely a complication of convalescent serum? At late stages of COVID, is the body just unable to filter out and additional clotting factors so they pile up until they become a serious problem, exacerbated by a uniquely pathological thrombo-embylitic period; or is this just a problem with convalescent serum generally?

Also, was this population abnormally predisposed to clotting disorders and we simply observed an exacerbation rather than a novel acute manifestation (very likely to have been ruled out but I figured I would throw it in the mix as well)?

Thank you for this interesting podcast! Sorry if these questions are off the mark, due to any misunderstand on my part (asking as a non-virologist).

Author — PlasmaFuzer


As someone who raised turkeys as a kid, I know nothing about pigs either. However, I'm certain that if one pig is introduced to a turkey barn, the collective IQ doubles.

Author — Todd Barnard


I appreciate the viewpoints of these experts, greatly, but I think they're underestimating the American children's ability to control themselves in a way that keeps each other and teachers safe. Korean kids, they are not.

Author — Elaina Scott


Your comraderie is really fun to observe

Author — climbeverest


I'm new to TWIV, having watched only two episodes. I learned about TWIV from Dr. Racaniello's wonderful, wonderful lectures on virology.

I'm fascinated by TWIV on two levels: 1) the subject matter at hand via the presentation of emerging data, and, 2) the group-think that has developed on the TWIV panel that prevents the group from understanding much of the data that they present.

As a committee member of many groups over the years, I have often watched a "group-think" mentality develop in a committee as the group takes on a personality. That personality can inhibit the acceptance of evidence taken at face value. That is, a group can lose the necessary insight in objective data interpretation that can be brought on by dissenting interpretations.

In this case, (with one possible exception of one panel member) the group has an a priori political world view into which the group (with the possible exception of one member) attempts to shoehorn the observable evidence - regardless of the bad fit. When the evidence doesn't fit - the group scratches its collective head, presumes the data are as yet premature, confounded, or otherwise deficient and without explanation, moves on rather than accept the data may disprove the sacredly held a priori position.

I will continue to watch Channel TWIV, because it presents information on two levels - 1) The evidence at face value, and 2) a demonstration of how that evidence becomes shelved or neglected when it doesn't fit the desired endpoint.

Caoimhín P Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

Author — Caoimhín P Connell


1:45:45 Didn't we have an email about this?
28:16 The email.
It was in the Daniel Griffin section! :P

Author — piprod01


Vincent has risen in my admiration. A red Strat!!!

Author — Steven Pollack


This is massively enlightening and very informative

Author — Full English


Sometimes it sounds like intoxication is the issue as much as an infection given so much negative serology. Not infrequently based upon these kinds of discussions and interviews.

Histamine mediated like reaction?

Blood pressure failures.

Immunogenic reactions?

Hyperinflammatory cytokine storm;.

Positive response to corticosteroids...

In the background is cold/flu season cold flu season--bacteria other microbes associated and unknown of unknown etiology pneumonia respiratory distress.

Most people will not have issues with this virus, some people are more active spreaders.

Some gossip and reasonable concerns about release of experimental synthetic viral like theory.

So many external costs and harms to society from its response to the virus.

Children, students so disrupted

Maybe a rise in all cause mortality under 3-5% from COVID—but testing, diagnosis track record is suboptimal.

Along the lines of adverse reaction, consent to risk of potentially dangerous overly aggressive immune response in recent flu/pneumonia vaccinations immune response when exposed later to various seasonal cold/flu virus, and the spectrumof other ADRs, need to be aired out and better disclosed in the news and in front of a physician.

Let's also remember, there's about a 50% of vaccine failure in seniors and underwhelming benefits and risks, so much, to exclude it from general public use except high risk groups with Fu/vaccines.

Iatrogenics, tragic outcomes in nursing homes/institutionalized, follow up and other issues from closing down no essential health care businesses, people afraid to interface with healthcare system, many afraid of being diagnosed and quarantined and 24/7 loss of contact with most people. Dying alone.

Then there is the history of Team PhRMA and the global drug cartels.

Just saying, the big picture shouldn't be underestimated.

Leadership from where it's expected has been alarming and disappointing.

Comprehensive Public Safety reconciliation is health care too.

Priorities need realignment with domestic felicity.

Author — Madasin !


Thank you TWiV crew, your time and efforts are making a difference. I wish more would listen and carefully consider the science you all present so well

Author — J.Scott Grimes


Have you guys figured out where the poly basic furin cleavage site came from

Author — John Farmer


It's difficult enough to get people to follow rules you add alchohol its next to impossible. Save your money drink at home like any self respecting alcoholic.

Author — Madman the pope


Late to the comments - but designing exams that assess student knowledge (and more importantly application) are very do-able. In my opinion, these exams are more fair to those who don’t necessarily “test” well, but know the material.

Just one example (out of thousands) would have students analyze a scientific article that covers the material you would like to assess. Even with a massively large class (where most questions might have to be multiple choice) - assessments like these would be hard to “google their way to an A.” Also, to be honest- at the college level - if you can google the answer- the test question probably needs improvement.

Author — Betsy Larcom