Fix your intonation in a week [Violin Technique]

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Believe it or not, "bad intonation" is not necessarily a physical habit that has been drilled into your muscles requiring years of retraining. Once you learn how to listen and integrate patterns, you can fix your intonation (or be well on your way at the very least) in no time. It does take commitment though! Take it from someone who still hasn't done that proper week to address intonation problems Let's all accept the challenge TODAY.

Follow along with the free PDF of these Sevcik exercises

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00:00 Introduction + BACH
01:12 Fundamentals of Intonation
01:51 KEY POINT: Aural vs Physical technique
02:50 Sevcik Exercises Summary
04:11 DEMO - intonation best practices
06:14 Sloth vs Cheetah
07:01 Continuous Melodious Sound
08:20 DEMO: Book 1,
08:51 Stability in the frame
09:45 Visualize intervals
10:24 Identify Tendencies
11:05 DEMO - Vertical placement
13:28 DEMO - achieving maximum reach
14:54 Resist the urge to press
15:24 DEMO - Dexterity and finger independence
16:35 Sight reading
17:09 DEMO: Variations/adjustments
20:29 How to be more sadistic

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💬 Comments

You channel is a game changer! The Ysaye exercise already lead to huge improvements in my playing, the only two fingers exercise massively improved my shifting! For this video, despite watching it twice, I didn‘t quite understand what it was about until I tried it myself. But after tuning my double stops for a while with this exercise, my violin is more resonant than ever, even when playing melodic pieces! It is fascinating how consciously and subconsciously, the listening interacts with the mechanical aspects of violin playing. I am motivated to keep going!

Author — CrossingWolfi


I'm deaf. But have been a violinist even though I was deaf. I played like beethoven did by vibrations. Now I have my cochlear implant. Thank you for this! You sound really beautiful by the way it brought tears to my eyes.

Author — James Boone


Mr. Kuganov, I must say, for a high school student (me) who started to learn the violin from an early age in contrast to you, I am amazed at the amount of knowledge you have gained and shared online. I think you are undoubtedly one of the best violin educators on Youtube and in addition, the free PDFs you have provided are really nice as well. Thank you very much!

Author — Ingram Fan


I feel obliged to say that your interpretation of the “andante” is particularly good. The sound is actually mesmerising … do you have a video where you play it all or a lesson about it ?

Author — Grant NEALE


I have wanted to learn the violin for years, but I have always feared it is too late to learn to a professional level. Your journey gives me hope. Thank you for your resources!

Author — Guest


Sevcik op. 1 is underrated. Most teachers today don't use it and many who do, unfortunately do not know how to teach it. This book is for left hand foundation but young children want to 'play' Suzuki. Intermediate level students generally don't have the patience to 'practice' & grasp Sevcik concepts. Only students who have been humbled by listening to their recording & willing to go into Sevcik rehab may have some hope. Excellent, well explained, good looking/sounding video. Thank you. Bravo on the Andante.

Author — JK Violin Studio


Hey! I just wanted to say your channel is amazing - I am enjoying watching and learning, so glad you are making these videos :)

Author — Sophie Ryan


Brilliant video 🔥

For me, intonation is inseperable from musical energy—velocity of shifts, based opon desired portamentos. Vibrato and phrasing all play a roll in physical motion, which is directly related to pitch one way or anther.

Your work is exquisit! Many thanks to your contribution 🙏🏼

Author — Jeremy Hill


Hi Daniel, I love your master classes and your videos and your clear explanations and demonstrations. Thank you so much.

Author — Lauren Lamont


Спасибо за такие ценные уроки, они - такая редкость!



Amazing, your teaching style is very helpful! Your chin rest is different, probably because of how you know your adjustments. How does one learn how to adjust for themselves and where/what to buy? I would really love to know, so it doesn’t effect ones posture and prevent bruising and marking

Author — Granny Jam


Daniel muchas gracias por tus videos son muy útiles para mi, si se le pudiera agregar subtitulado en español sería genial. Gracias!!

Author — adrian gustavo nuñez


Delighted to get this brilliant teaching Daniel. You have encapsulates everything here. I have Sevcik book 1...I'm off to start those chosen exercises! Just the prep for double stop exam scales. I can see how this facility underlies all good playing. Thank you so much. Adult learner G Ire

Author — S F


Thanks for this detailed video, Daniel!
Will definitely incorporate more Ševćík into my teaching and playing.

Your left hand dexterity and finger independence is beautiful to watch!

Author — Lynn Kuo


One of the most useful videos I’ve seen in my life! Thank you very much Maestro!

Author — dvides


Amazing video, i also have played kreutzer 17 but Yampolsky's edition and have very similar excercises that helps a lot with the left hand frame stability

Author — Cesar Roberto Chavez Delgado


Really wonderful Tips you have given🎉
Thank you very much dear Mr Daniel 🙏😊

Author — Mariadas Vattamakal Joseph Mariadas Vattamakal.


You are a great violinist and teacher, im a teacher myself and i love to watch your work, its a plesaure to watch the things i teach from another perspective. My teacher was a graduated student of the great Tibor Varga who taught in Dortmund, Germany. Keep it up!

Author — G SM


Wonderful video, Daniel! Some of this work reminds me of the Vamos patterns (for which you also created a great video). I can't wait to try these exercises. Thank you!!

Author — Darlene Rivest


Thank you so much Daniel, all of yout videos are really helpful for me and my students!!! Keep it going man, this is great!!!

Author — Andrés Tovar Violín Alternativo