Heart of Wales Vintage Lorry Rally 2019

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Heart of Wales Vintage Lorry Rally 2019 5

Something a little different, This was taken on the Dinas Pass A470 near Dolgellau which is more known for the fast jets and the Mach Loop!!
If anybody has got any details on any of these Lorries then comment and Ill update the description!!

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Five minutes well spent, sorry 10 minutes, I had to watch it again!!!! Blimey, that Seddy Atky cab was giving it some!!!! Top marks Elwyn, same time next year please👍👍👍

Author — Bob Ingram


This almost made me want to play with some of my old Matchbox trucks again for the first time in more than 40 years. Thank you for the wonderful nostalgia.

Author — Anthony Petty


I just went to an amazing vintage truck show in my area. I had no idea this channel covered that type of thing, keep it up, it's very interesting seeing trucks from the UK.

Author — PBRStreetGang


Awesome! Watching from Texas and just had to watch twice. So interesting. Thank you for filming. 👍

Author — Molly


C'est très mignon: Félicitation! Encouragement! Merci!

Author — Yves-Noël-Marie Gonnet


They are beautiful ..thanku. love an god bless x

Author — Wendy Raymond


Thank You again Elwyn R another great video.

Author — Richard Bool


Some really cool looking Trucks! I thought that area looked familiar.(Mach Loop) Thanks for posting.

Author — edward hasiak


Beauty and excellence as always! Great to see the Welsh flag on the lorrie! Sad to see the needless and dangerous overtake at 2:05.

Author — Allesio Fondressi


It's 2 thumbs up from me. I'm down under and in the 60s my dad had a Comma and a Bedford so it was great to see those types on the rally.

Author — Phillip Clift


Drove every one of them in my time being an old Truck driver, most of them cabs were made of wood except the high top cabs.I past my test on a Bedford Rl in the Army, never ever done a car test.

Author — John Dove