How EVERY Team Got Its Name & Identity!

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How EVERY Team Got Its Name & Identity! 5
Ever wonder how the NFL got to be where it is today? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Evolution of the NFL.


The NFL Throwback is your home for all things NFL history.

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Glad to see all the positive reception for this video! We are VERY excited to do more videos like this! We did however make a small mistake. The Buccaneers owners name when they come up in 1976 – we said Hugh Culverson – and it’s Culverhouse. We are sorry about the error!

Author — NFL Throwback


imagine being the oldest team but also have yet to win a ring

Author — Matt FC


Me: I might head to bed now.
YouTube: Wanna know the NFL history?

Author — TraceguyRune


As a Jets fan, I do believe the, “New York Jack Asses” is a much more fitting name...

Author — gdjets


“Falcons never drop their prey.”


Author — dwhum


Welcome to the 200th anniversary of the NFL, where we now have 96 teams and Tom Brady is almost retired

Author — Grace Ryan


I have newfound respect and disappointment for the Cardinals

Author — Carlos S


Imagine the Boston patriots playing the Atlanta confederates

Author — El Gregorio


Fans in 2019: "The Dolphins are a horrible franchise. They haven't won a championship in decades!"

Arizona Cardinals (oldest team): "I know, right?"

Author — AngryKiko


Teams: We want to have a strong name to describe our strength

Miami: dolphins sounds good

Author — Rokzan


"The Lions hope to be the monarch of the league" Lol

Author — Ben Ingram Music


“Don’t be scared, there’s no such thing as the steagles”

The Steagles:

Author — KG


*Bring back the Dayton Triangles!!!* 💪🛆👍

Author — Beardmania


“the lion is the monarch of the jungle as we hope to be the monarchs of the league”

2008: *laughs in 0-16*

Author — ben pruitt


“Boys are any of you going to that Tonawanda Kardex game tonight?”

Author — Much Greens


Me: “Damn thirty minutes, that’s really long”
30 minutes later: Ok that was good, really damn good

Author — Gustavo Rivera


Imagine having a team called the Gothams, then to have the Batman logo as your team logo.

Author — JRB Creations


Somebody has that "Brunswick-balke collender cup" in their attic or basement and don't even know the history they are holding.

Author — cory arnold


Let me see what this video is about
Me 30 mins later: Damn can i get part II already

Author — CALIKILLAH 760


great grandpa played for og la rams

yet i’m still a chargers fan😂😂😂

Author — lil chikin